Sunday, February 28, 2010

* Working Hard! *

Hurray!! Today is finally here!!!

It's 7am and I've been awake allllll night trying to get everything finished. I'm still debating if I should take a nap and then photograph/edit after. Or just wait till the sun wakes up so I can get some nice natural lighting for my lightbox.

Either way, please excuse any delay that may come. I HOPE to get all my listings up by 3 or 4pm the latest!

Stay tuned for updates later! Thank you in advance for all the support!! I have the best people in my life ♥
As a thank you for your patience, here's a sneak preview:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

* Cute but Useful? *

As one of [a peachie production]'s goals, I stated that I want to create cute but also useful products. As of now, my designs are .. nice to look at however they're not yet useful! I know I'm working on it. I have several sketches and ideas but it's transferring it from paper into reality that's the challenge.

But no worries. Rest assured that I've set a goal to take one everyday item and find a way to make it cute. One creation every 2 weeks. First concepts and sketches, then every month I'll attempt to take one and make it an actual product. Gotta keep myself on check!!

And just to show myself (and YOU) that I'm taking this seriously, I just ordered supplies for my very first CUTE and USEFUL product!! How exciting :D


1. My small business management class has officially started this past week

Here are my notes :p

In my defense, doodling has no age limit!

2. My new [a peachie production ♥] custom stamp has arrived!!

It's so pretty ♥

Got it done by tickledpinkpaperink. Check her store out. She has the cutest designs ^^

You best believe I'll be stamping everything and everyone's face :: BAM ::

Etsy Store Opening: 1 More Day!!!!

As always,

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

Friday, February 26, 2010

* Store Opening: 3 Days and Counting *

[a peachie production] - L ♥ V E in every stitch I make

Etsy Store Opening: 3 Days and Counting!!!

(I hope you're as excited as I am!!!)

[sidenote] Highlight of the day: I sold my first international order today!! Merci France ♥

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

* On Top of The World *

Guess who sold her first Etsy order?! Well technically it's 4 now... going on to 6!!

WOW!!!! This feeling is beyond amazing!! The fact that somebody not only wants something you made from hand but actually wants to pay you for it!!


I didn't announce that I was selling any amis in my etsy store here because I actually just wanted to test out the process. I never thought anyone would purchase one within 4 hours of listing it! Not only that but there were two articles written about my Android!!

You can check them out there:

Android Community

That in itself generated over 500 views on my etsy just in that day! Amazing huh?! I'm truly blown away and THANKFUL for the amount of support and interest!! It seriously made my week... month!! :D

As a token of my appreciation, here are many many pictures of some new/upgraded designs I've been tweaking with:

Keychain Android babies:


Here's the latest Android design! I'm so excited about him!

He's more compact and I would say also more true to the original Google Android.

And yes, he'll be available in my Etsy store very soon! If you're interested, you can def send me a convo through Etsy and I'll make a custom listing just for you.

My Etsy store will officially be opening March 1st!!!! Mark your calendars!!

If you can't wait till then and see something on my blog you'd like right away, please convo me on Etsy and I'll make one for you asap :]

Special Thank Yous to:

David Jr

Anthony Perez



Luis' Friend




And for everyone who came to check out my Etsy and blog!!!

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

* Brrrrr *

To celebrate the winter Olympics and cold crisp weather in general...

I would like you to meet Mallow short for Marsh mellow

He's already been adopted by my dear cousin Sophia

I made him special for her ♥

Which brings me to *special projects*

I found that I especially enjoy making custom amis requested by others. They are lovely challenges that draw out all means of creativity and exciting ideas.

So definitely contact me if you have any requests.

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

* Inspired *

Inspired by my closest gfs, here are my latest designs:

The Baby Dolls Line*

Also available in keychain form so you take them wherever you go and never be lonely

And just like my friends, they have the super powers to make you feel warm and cozy from the inside out ... any where, any place and any time

And yes, the letters and felt animals/stars/hearts are fully customizable to you and/or your friends' initials.

As always,

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

* Dedicated to my beautiful friends: Miss Fine, Miss Chung and Miss Yuen

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

* The Pimp Lean *


Mr. Mike Isberto is our very first contest winner!!! p.s. If you're not familiar with Mike's work, you need to check him out asap:

He's hands down one of my favorite artists and THE nicest guy.

Mike: Choose from the following amis

* bunny *              * kitty *                        * mouse *

* monkey *                           * duckie *                             * turtle *

* bear *                       * cocoa cup *

* heart 1 *                   * heart 2 *                 * heart 3 *

Color choices:

Mint Green

Regular Green

Light Blue

Regular Blue

Dark Blue






Email me at: apeachieproduction@gmail[dot]com

- Ohh hold up hold up. Mr. Android feels under represented so he wanted to leave you, Mike, with these "enticing pictures." His words, not mine -

So yes, you can absolutely choose the Android if you'd like. Ok ok sorry!! The PIMPIN Android. Wow who would have thought a little robot can be so demanding.

Thank you to everyone aka my friends for commenting and being so supportive!!!

It means the world to me.

You have nooo idea ♥

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]