Saturday, February 27, 2010

* Cute but Useful? *

As one of [a peachie production]'s goals, I stated that I want to create cute but also useful products. As of now, my designs are .. nice to look at however they're not yet useful! I know I'm working on it. I have several sketches and ideas but it's transferring it from paper into reality that's the challenge.

But no worries. Rest assured that I've set a goal to take one everyday item and find a way to make it cute. One creation every 2 weeks. First concepts and sketches, then every month I'll attempt to take one and make it an actual product. Gotta keep myself on check!!

And just to show myself (and YOU) that I'm taking this seriously, I just ordered supplies for my very first CUTE and USEFUL product!! How exciting :D


1. My small business management class has officially started this past week

Here are my notes :p

In my defense, doodling has no age limit!

2. My new [a peachie production ♥] custom stamp has arrived!!

It's so pretty ♥

Got it done by tickledpinkpaperink. Check her store out. She has the cutest designs ^^

You best believe I'll be stamping everything and everyone's face :: BAM ::

Etsy Store Opening: 1 More Day!!!!

As always,

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

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