Sunday, March 21, 2010

* Go Ninja Go Ninja Go *

I apologize for being MIA lately! I've been working on the special events side of [a peachie production] so I haven't had as much time to dedicate to my amis as I've hoped. [Shoutouts to Kollaboration, LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, SF International Asian American Film Fest, LA 18 TV]

But I wanted to show you some of the custom orders and new designs I'm currently working on :]

And who said Droids don't feel real love... ^^

And bears don't have team spirit!

Is it poor taste to say I'm diggin the ninja droid? (oh well!)

Might just make one for myself yoo :]

* The Droid family doesn't discriminate against color or stealthy career choices ;]

* You think these guys are worthy enough to be in the etsy shop? *

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

* Lakers Nation *

Here's a shoutout to Lakers Nation and all the Laker fans out there:

A new design I'm testing out based on the suggestion of my cous who founded LN.

Was thinking of adding a cap but we'll see how that goes.

See [a peachie production] can be boy friendly too!

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

Monday, March 1, 2010

* Officially Open!!! *

Come in! Take a look around! Make yourself at home.

Because my ETSY shop is officially open!!!!!!!!

How exciting!!! It really really really is! I never ever thought I would a) be making crafts for a living and b) opening my own online business! It's craziness I tell you. The places God takes you when you just.. have some faith and go with the flow ^__^

Here are some quick pics of what's in the store now:

The rest you'll just have to go check out my store to see :]
I promise you'll have a fantastic time there!

I would completely appreciate it if you could help spread the word for me! Twitter, Facebook, emails, text messages and any and every kind of communication there is out there!! Thank you from the bottom of my ♥

* A very special thank you to my parents for being the most supportive and loving parents who really believe in me and my happiness. I LOVE YOU guys!!! *


[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]