Friday, May 28, 2010

* disney day *

The staff very recently went to celebrate the end and success of the film festival

at, of course the most disgruntled happiest place on this planet.

Couple things we've learned on this trip:

- Majority of cast members just aren't very nice anymore

- The vc/film fest disney jinx does exist. I repeat it DOES exist!

- Alvin Joseph Garcia is now mayor of dland (who cares nothing for the rain forests)

- Francis is el presidente because he knows how to cheat the people by taking shortcuts

(pay your respects)

- Apparently the city of W. Covina qualifies as a homeland for ethnic people

- Our executive director really loves the teacup ride

- Peter Pan is the best ride ever created and is worth every indefinite minute of queue time

- Albert has been successfully kidnapped and adopted by Shinae

- Disney funnel cakes are from Costco

- If you shoutout Eseel's name 3 times, she'll magically appear (but you have to really believe)

- Mickey D's breakfast is open till 11am!!

*keynote: NEVER forget to invite Abe to join you *

* special thank you to my Little Tokyo brothers and sisters for coming such a distance to celebrate with each other  ♥ *

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

* Happy Birthday Papa Bear *

Happy Birthday Daddy

We're taking my parents to Big Bear Lake (get it~?) for their birthdays

Guess what we'll be doing   :]

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

* I'm Back and More Ninja Than Ever *

Last night I got a crazy urge to crochet and for some reason, all my dolls ended up being ninjas.

I think someone's green with envy
Badabam Thanks been working on that one all day

Anyways I'm back and I have a feeling there will be more ninjas on the way.
Stay tuned ...

* Can't do a ninja post without giving a shoutout to Mr. Peter Rocks & My Ninja! *

Buy a shirt or two.

We love
We live
We balance
We forgive
X repeat

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]