Friday, June 25, 2010

* This Little Piggy *

If you haven't noticed, I'm pretty big on birthday celebrations. Not necessarily my own, but people around me. I believe every new day we are blessed with should be celebrated, let alone every year. Especially when that one day is there just for you to laugh, smile, remember and simply live it up with the people who have impacted your life that year in a beautiful way.

Anyways, Happy 88th to my Ama!

I apologize for the awful photo.

I need to start my projects earlier so I'm not finishing them at 5 in the morning with poor lighting and the urgency to knock out.

My grandma was born the year of the pig.

So I thought the dolls were appropriate :]

On a separate note, I'm currently mid project with several different kinds of amis.

Not certain how they're going to turn out at the end but I'll show you once they're done.

Here's a preview of one that's probably the biggest ami I've ever worked on:

Excited about this one

[ o n e  l ♥ v e ]

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  1. Oh Christine, you are just too cute. I'm loving the piggies you made your Grandma and i'm sure she adores them!