Thursday, August 12, 2010

* Inspired *

Hello! It's been awhile hasn't it... I hope you've been well :]

Well I'm back with a bigger force and stronger desire to create!

Update 1:

I'm happy to show you my latest Ami that I finally completed. Remember a couple posts back I posted a blue blob.. wel


He truly means more than just a doll to me. Along with sweet childhood memories of the movie, this Totoro has been my unreachable goal since I first started crocheting back in January. I remember being so frustrated with the awkwardness of trying to master a whole new craft that I almost gave up even before I really started. But then I ran across this Totoro pattern (which can be found here at heavens_hellcat with some slight alterations) and told myself that ONE day I will crochet a freakin awesome Totoro. I'll just have to be patient and get there one step and one stitch at a time.

And today.. is that day. It's a sweet moment when you realized you actually achieved something you set out to do. At least for me it is because I have ADD when it comes to following through with my goals... especially when things get hard. Which brings me to my decision of really treating A Peachie Production on Etsy as a true business and not getting sidetracked with my several other projects. And with that mindset, I made a promise to myself that I going to master each craft like a profession. Not just a hobby.

Wow... I feel a weight has been lifted. Amazing feeling... to commit to something with everything I have  (^__^)

With that said, I must say THANK YOU to my mom who really completed the overall look of Totoro with her awesome suggestions of the placement of the eyes, arms and .. wait for it.. the leaf! She made it herself! Embroidery and all!

Update 2:

The 50 Android deal from my previous post fell through. Yes I was bummed but you know what, it just wasn't meant to be. But I can tell you about it now. Samsung reached out to me asking if they could use my Android photos for their online campaign. They also planned to order all those Androids to give out as prizes but at the end, they needed way more than I could make by the deadline.

So with all these half completed Androids I have, I figured that I would make them into a creative exercise and see what else I can design with the already made body parts. We'll see what I come up with.

Update 3:

I've had this book for a while now:

I've been meaning to make some very cute items from there but every time I always tell myself next time.. next time. But no more! I'm going to take a page out of the movie Julie and Julia and set a goal to complete all the projects in the book in 6 months (there's 17 total projects). 1 project every 1-2 weeks. And I'll post my progress on here as I finish them.

Ohhh! I'm excited!! It'll keep me on my creative toes and I'll learn something new every month!

It is very true what they say. Don't over think things.. and it! Most times you'll be pleasantly surprised with what comes from doing so...
View video by clicking the link for a boost of inspiration:

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