Tuesday, October 26, 2010

* Candy Apples *

Growing up in a Christian family, I don't have too many Halloween memories. BUT every time the leaves start falling and air gets a bit chilly, I always think of candy apples. Candy apples remind me of my childhood and elementary school days. Every fall, I remember the candy apple man would come and sell candied/caramel apples for $1 after school. It was always the highlight of my fall and I would look forward to it all month.

So to commemorate such a fond memory and to do something special for Halloween/fall time, I present to you:

I upgraded it to a white chocolate candy apple. If you never had one, omg.. go immediately to Downtown Disney Marceline's Confectionery and try one! I had my first white chocolate apple pie candy apple when I was working at Candy Palace inside Disneyland and I've been addicted ever since.

Anyways, it's up on my Etsy. My store was looking pretty bare. But now the Android has some company :]

And because it looks good enough to eat...

 Wishing you a safe and happy Hallooooween!

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