Wednesday, November 17, 2010

* You fall. Like a Raindrop *

Sorry I haven't updated. I've recently caught the flu so I've been feeling under the weather to say the least. But some of my favorite videos (plus the help of nyquil) are making me feel better quicker :] I wanted to share them with you. So enjoy...

Komaneko is my favorite stop motion animation series. I love the emphasis that it puts on the simplest things like going out for a picnic, leaves falling, childhood treasures... makes you notice and appreciate the things in everyday life that we take for granted sometimes.

Alex Chu is one of my favorite artists. I love how he's THE hopeless romantic. Just like in this MV, he himself doesn't find love but he's still a believer. <3 Sometimes that's how it is. Until one day...

You fall. Like a raindrop.
Sigh I love Wong Fu. This short is like a beautiful poem come to life. The colors... the textures... the mood. Each is conveyed through every carefully placed word and note. As if they were sweetly strung together for that specific purpose. To tell that ultimate love story. Which in my opinion is between life and the girl. Her life to be exact. When she's finally able to truly love her life and her life to love her back, she falls ... for real love.

p.s. If you love the music as much as I do, you can purchase the tracks here

Speaking of Wong Fu Productions, they just released the trailer to their latest project with Niga Higa (#1 most subscribed on youtube). Check it out:

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