Monday, December 20, 2010

* Breathtaking *

Day 11:
We went to visit The National Palace Museum in Taipei. For days, my mom had been raving about this Jade Cabbage they have on display. When we got to the museum, it was obvious that the highlight of the place was this cabbage as we were immediately bombarded with posters, pamplets and signs of it. When I finally got to see it in person, I wasn't impressed.

 I mean, it was a tiny cabbage... made of jade. Pretty? Mm sure.
Mind blowing? I think not.

It wasn't until I read the description of how it was created that really made me me look at the jeweled vegetable in a whole new light.

Background info:
  • Jade carvings are typically made from flawless pieces of jade
  • The jade of the jade cabbage was flawed. It was full of imperfections; cracks, cloudy and color variation
  • But the creator saw the potential in its beauty and used the stone's imperfections to his advantage. The cracks became the life like edges of the leaves. The cloudy patches and color variation proved to enhance the realism of the vegetable by adding texture and depth. 
  • It's said to be one of the most valuable pieces of Jade


Is it silly to say there's something relatable to the journey of this piece of jade? Too many people hate themselves because of their "flaws" when they should embrace them. Nothing adds character and a sense of uniqueness like "imperfections."

I believe whoever you are, whatever your dreams are ... the very essence of you is beautiful. Plain and simple. Once you see that and start taking those weaknesses and making them your strengths, you'll be exactly what you were meant to be on this earth. Amazing and breathtaking.

[sidenote] Ending this trip a week early and heading back to the US tomorrow night.

Missing the puffball

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