Friday, December 17, 2010

* Life isn't all fun *

Let’s first have a good rant. Shall we?

Tonight’s topic: Mosquitoes

I believe they are THE most selfish and inconsiderate pests on this planet. I can’t quite go as far to say the entire universe because there might just exist an even more jerkish kind of thing drifting around out in the vast void. And then that wouldn’t be fair to the mosquitoes would it?

Back to the nature at hand- the buzzing bloodsuckers. I have to say I’m not even as annoyed at the fact that they steal blood but moreso that they do it without even a “thanks!” or “excuse me… may I partake in some of your excess blood to feed my future offspring?” No. They take as they please and leave you with an itchy bite that you can’t scratch unless you’d like a scar to remember the whole traumatic experience by. I mean if they weren’t so rude about it all, I might not think so unkindly of them.

AND what makes the whole situation worse is that the product of such abuse is the reproduction of more of these thieves. Oh! And paranoia. Paranoia that there’s always another one on you or watching from afar. Then you’re left incapable of accomplishing anything productive until you’ve destroyed the said insect.

Seriously. There’s something wrong when nothing, absolutely nothing good comes of the existence of mosquitoes.

Grrr >(
:: deep breath ::

Ok I’m done. 
I feel much better now. 
Thanks for letting me vent :]
Onto the next subject...

Day 6 & 7:

We traveled 4 hours to spend the last 2 days in Taichung. We stayed at a resort up in the mountains. I can honestly say it was fun. One thing about both sides of my family is that everyone has a great sense of humor. So as we get older, we’re able to get each others jokes and laugh about them together.

Here’s part one of the photos (thank goodness my mom didn’t forget to bring her camera):

The backdrop to our resort
Makes you want to give a very contented aahhh :]

Tea time

Good times

In case we didn't already know, our resort made sure to remind its vacationers
Life isn't all fun

But the ultimate highlight of this trip:
The birdcage seat

Some thrived in the cage

Some enjoyed

Others weren't so lucky

And then there were ones who enjoyed it a little too much

Visit the next post tomorrow for part 2 of the trip.
See you over there :]

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