Sunday, December 12, 2010

* Photo Updates *

Day 3 & 4:

Keeping this update light as opposed to the last two entries.
How bout some photos mmm..

My dad's a happy camper
Who wouldn't be with food like that

It was as delicious as it looks

My kind of Christmas tree.
Oh Taiwan. You know me so well

This makes me happy... very happy

 Super cute bakery store front

Oh you fancy huh

 This is how we do

Say hello to my great great grandfather
... hello

  • In the * Hi from Taiwan * post, I wrote that my ancestors have been in TW for about 500 years. It's been clarified that my dad's side of the family has been here for a little over 1,000 years and my mom's side for a little less than 500.
  • In the * Embrace Life * post, the cotton candy memory happened in Redondo beach, not Manhattan beach. My grandpa brought out boxes of old pictures and I kid you not, this photo was there:

      This was after I had already written about it in the previous post.
    I've never seen this picture before then. Craziness

    [That's it for the photos. Literally because my camera has officially called it quits on me. I'm thinking of purchasing the Sony Nex 3. Any thoughts on it?]

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    1. stay away from Sony and their proprietary stuff. You can't go wrong with the Canon S95, it's the update to the little one I use