Saturday, December 18, 2010

* Taichung Trip: Part 2 *

Taichung Trip: Part 2
We spent the second day at the Aboriginal Culture Village which is basically a "theme park of the Taiwan Indians" as my brother so eloquently put it. And of course, it was pouring rain. Regardless, it was quite interesting to learn how the aboriginals lived and celebrated life.

Per the request of our early bird parents, we arrived
right when the park opened

to ride several air cable cars.

As gloomy as it was, the sight was still quite beautiful.

Ride back from Sun Moon Lake

Did you know...?
On the day of her wedding, the Paiwan bride is expected to cry profusely for 
her past suitors who failed to win her heart. 
This is while all of her past boyfriends plus her new groom sit in a circle 
and watch her shed her tears of pain.

... awkkkward

Tut tut... looks like rain

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