Sunday, December 5, 2010

* Worth the Wait *

"She was a princess worth waiting for."
- Disney's "Tangled"

Perhaps it's the fact I grew up watching fairy tales from only a princess' point of view that I was pleasantly taken aback by the line that a princess would be worth waiting for vs. a "Prince Charming." I believe many ladies out there have lived their lives based on the hope of finding their prince. But to flip that concept around that she herself is also worth the wait is quite empowering. In the sense that maybe, just maybe there's a guy out there whose idea of a perfect princess is exactly her. Just... the way she is with all her perfect imperfections. And that he's been waiting his entire life for that day he finally gets to meet her.

Just a thought.


  1. I totally agree! I think ladies out there have to be reminded of how much they are worth waiting for. And I greatly appreciate men who make ladies feel this way. That's one of the things I appreciate about Wong Fu, because they know how to make the ladies feel respected and worth it, especially in their shorts.

    Thanks for being a part of a group that makes us ladies feel this way! :)

    1. I'm also grateful to Wong Fu for helping me accept myself as I am. I feel that I've gotten happier as a person and in general smile more since I began to really follow WF.
      I am Asian Canadian and was on the fence between being Chinese or White because I'm a mix of both being a first gen raised here. I couldn't figure myself out nor could I completely fit in with any group and was always beating myself up for it. So thanks to Wong Fu I've found where I belong. Thank you so much!

  2. Sweet! :)

    As you! :)

    I think it goes the same for a close friendship. Waiting for someone who will have waited to meet you, be best friends. If only life was always long enough for us to spend it waiting for those special persons. That's why we're given family right off the bat, and even if sometimes what we're given isn't always ideal, we've got to appreciate what we've got because life's too short, and because there are even others who weren't given family.

    So even if I may not get to meet you, I'm grateful to have known you online! I can only hope that one day my waiting won't be in vain to have a friend like you or Regina.

    - vivian***0