Friday, January 7, 2011

* Hey Mr. Blue Sky *

Random fact: I adore dresses. Lovely lovely dresses. I can go on owning one pair of jeans but dresses. Ahhh they light up my life. Dresses like this one...

Sigh.. just .. just lovely :]

less than 3

On another note, I also love me a good tshirt. These ones from Threadless caught my eye

Titled: Partly Cloudy

Titled: Extra Pulp

Titled: Hey, Mr. Blue Sky

Ok ok I included this one because I think the guy is kinda cute
Should be titled: "Here comes the smolder..."

Eh eh! You know.. from Tangled
A Tangled reference...
Am I right? huh ::nudge nudge::
Ya know.. smoldering good looks...
dot dot dot

..with the .. cute..:: mumbling incoherently:: 

Happy Friday!

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