Sunday, February 13, 2011

* The Spin *

Valentine's Day Out of the Box Gift Ideas: #5

Stranger Than Fiction

On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the highest)
Time: 5
Difficulty: 5
  $$: 1-5
Effectiveness: 8
Aww: 9

Taking yesterday's gift idea & tip one step further, put an unexpected spin or surprise to the gift and/or delivery of the it. If she loves photography, try taking her to a place where there's a beautiful setting and spend the entire day taking photos & creating memories together. Hello Kitty lover? Bake her a cake/cupcakes in the shape of HK then double it up by giving her the pan as a gift. Cake pans/molds available on Amazon. Is she a huge nature lover? Try growing some flowers in mini pots and plant her a garden of her own. You can even go a step further and pretty it up by painting the pots (perhaps to spell out her name).

Don't worry, there are plenty of more ideas below. But first, the inspirational video for your enjoyment :]

Background info: Harold Crick had the unpleasant job of auditing Ana's bakery shop. Their relationship started off awkward and a bit hostile. But of course, feelings start to develop on Harold's side. He takes what would have been a "typical" gift to express his interest and gives it an unconventional yet super sweet spin. Love love love the utilization of multi color tape on each of the "flowers"<3

"Because I want you"

The Spin:
It's actually not that difficult. Just follow these 3 steps and you're on your way to writing your own stories of "aww" that will be forever talked about.

1.) Think of all her hobbies/likes/needs
2.) List out all possible gift options based on those categories. It's ok if the gifts seem typical. You just need a jumping off point for step 3
3.) Take the best ideas and think of unexpected ways to present them or an interesting twist you can do with your typical gift ideas

Yes step 3 can seem daunting which is why I've included real life examples of past gifts/delivery of gifts that I've personally done and that my friends have received:

- Bought tickets to football game. Took wooden cubes from Michael's Craft Store, arranged them in different shapes and painted clues of the present on all 6 sides


- Bought tickets to a concert. Encased the tickets in a food saver vacuum sealer and taped it inside of the box of my friend's favorite popsicle. When she opened it, she thought she had won a prize which was actually the tickets. Surrrpriise!
- Arranged a scavenger hunt of clues to a birthday weekend extravaganza. One gift included tickets to the Blue Man Group show and here was the clue:

Wooden men from Michael's
with a bit of black/blue paint

-  A girlfriend of mine was obsessed with a particular indie singer. So her bf reached out to the singer and asked him to record a personalized song just for her
- Another girlfriend loves loves loves Disney Princess movies. On one of her dates, the guy rented out a small theater and had them play Sleeping Beauty (her favorite princess movie) exclusively for them

Enough examples. It's your turn.
Go forth and spin away. You have 2 more days!

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