Tuesday, June 28, 2011

* Worth the Risk *

Ok here we go. Picking back up from where I left off on "Take a Chance," ladies can arguably receive double the rejection if we choose to reveal our feelings first. How? Oh let me count the ways.

r e j e c t i o n  # 1:
If we are indeed feeling your vibes, of course we're hoping you're feeling ours. Not only that, but enough so that you'll step up, be a man and show/enlighten us with this fabulous news. However when you choose to do nothing,  r e j e c t i o n  # 1 sets in.

No action = no interest.

r e j e c t i o n  # 2:
Ok fine let's say despite that, we just simply can't resist your charms and get to the next point where we no longer can hold back. So we do the unthinkable and WO-man up to say we like you more than a friend. And then your response is: whoa.. I don't think of you that way. R e j e c t i o n  # 2.

See.. women are risking just as much if not more to take the initative. Which is probably why very few ladies get to the rejection #2 stage unless they really really... really like the guy.

f i n a l  t h o u g h t s:
At the end of the day, we're not all that different. So I'll end it with this to both the fellas and the ladies (and probably to myself)... HUMAN UP! If this person is so fantastical to you, then say something. Do something! You'll never know unless you try.

Friendship is absolutely worth the risk if something real can happen. Even just a hint.. a glimmer. Go for it. What are you waiting for? I mean seriously... life is all about taking chances, making your dreams happen and at the end of the day.. whatever will be.. will be.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with the fellas. I think the feelings goes both way. Guys are also afraid that they might get rejected as well. Willy