Sunday, June 19, 2011

* Take a Chance *

I'm going to just say this because of how often I hear guys complain about this subject matter.

Fellas, YOU put yourselves on the "friends ladder" by the lack of action and initiative that might have otherwise landed you on the "dating ladder." You may think we make the decision on which guys go on what ladder but nay. YOU make the decision for us by doing nothing.

And here's the biiig secret you may or may not already know:  EVERY guy has a chance at the dating ladder. The only kicker is the fickle window of opportunity varies from guy to guy. Oh and the longer it takes for you to do something... anything! the smaller that window gets.

There I said it and now you know. 
Now go do something about it. 
Life is too short. 

[Next topic preview]: So why don't the ladies take action ourselves if we're so interested? Uh.. hello! We're just as afraid of rejection as the guys, if not moreso. Actually we potentially get double the rejection... yes double!

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