Tuesday, July 19, 2011

* David Choi MV: By My Side *

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a recent music video that I'm super proud and excited to share with you:

Wong Fu Productions x David Choi
"By My Side"

To reach the ones we truly love, to be by their side, we need to show how much we care through various means. Sacrifices, gifts, compromise, romantic gestures, words, a look are just some of the things we do for those we love. We've all made "balloons" for someone.

Some fun production facts:
  • Everything was hand selected by the Wong Fu guys from each individual item in Jenny's "room" to the color and look of the scaffolding (attention to details!)
  • A little over 150 balloons were used 
  • We had to go to a special balloon warehouse to purchase those specific white round balloons. Pretty though huh?
  • We had a production designer custom make both doors including the door locks that would match the unique skeleton key
  • The crew built the scaffolding in little less than 1 hour! 
  • If you want the same clock that Jenny has on her dresser, you can purchase it here from Target
  • *insider's tip* if you ever need to rent helium tanks, try renting from a welding supply store. They're cheaper than going to a party store like party city.

[producer notes]
I've said this over and over again, but I'll say it here. I love love loved this project from beginning to end. When Wes was going over the treatment and showing us concept photos, I couldn't help but get goosebumps. That surge of excitement and nervous anticipation is absolutely thrilling and lasted till we released the video. I believe if everyone found that same feeling in their jobs/work, this world would be a much lovelier place to live in.

We had less than 2 weeks for pre production which included scouting locations, renting equipment and getting all the necessary paperwork submitted. Everything that was on set was brought in from scratch. That's how we do it at wfp. The most magical part of the shoot had to be watching the guys direct. They knew every single frame by heart and it seemed almost effortless when they tag teamed ideas off each other. What I admire most about them is that even though they are in charge, they will be the first ones to get down and dirty in order to get the job done. I suppose it's because they've had to do everything themselves for the longest time. But witnessing that type of work ethic from the top really sets the tone of the entire crew.

This really was a passion project. Everyone on set believed in the guys and David who was so fantastic to work with btw. He was engaging, sweet and very considerate to everybody. That's the thing with passion projects. Everyone there is on the same wavelength and willing to do whatever it takes for however long to make things happen. We never had to ask twice with our crew. There were no egos or harsh words spoken on set. Thank goodness for our PAs. So eager beaver and easy to work with.

I feel like I could go on and on... but I won't! I think you guys get the idea of what this shoot meant to me. I'm truly truly lucky to finally be able to say my work and passion are both one and the same (thank you endlessly Phil, Wes and Ted). Special shoutout to Regina Fang whom without I would be lost forever <3

photo by Melly Lee

If you'd like to see behind the scene photos from my blackberry, check out my facebook page: www.facebook.com/peachielove

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To buy "By My Side" on itunes, click here: http://bit.ly/ByMySideiTunes

Please watch, listen, enjoy and share!

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  1. Welcome to TEMAC! Cool video. It would be funnier if he breathed the helium from the balloon. Why is she up on the scaffolding? Doesn't she know it's dangerous?