Tuesday, July 5, 2011

* Gentlemen Tips Every Man Must Learn *

It occurred to me recently that the reason why there are very few gentlemen out there is because no one ever told the boys how to be one. Or that no one ever stressed just how attractive a man can be if he has gentlemanly manners. To be honest being a gentleman is so important in my book that I literally will take away or add points based on his manners or lack thereof.

Let me add this little disclaimer before I start this list: These tips are in no way suggesting that women are incapable of performing or accomplishing certain tasks on their own. Sometimes, it's just nice to be treated like a lady.

Let's begin shall we? Common sense ones first..

- Hold open the door 
You may not have to go out of your way to open the door for a lady (it's nice though *extra points*) but if you're walking through a door first, wait and hold it open for her.

- Offer your jacket
It's cold. She's cold. You have a jacket. Do I really have to spell this one out for you?

- Offer your seat
If there are no seats available and she's standing, you're sitting... offer her your seat. Actually, I take that back. Insist on her taking your seat. A lady should never be the only one standing. If she still opts to stand, then stand with her.

- Pick up a dropped item
Oops she dropped something. Help her pick it up! At least attempt to help her. That is of course if she's close enough to you. No you don't have to run across the room to help her. But you should if whatever she dropped is heavy or there's a lot of it.

- Don't be the first to eat
Wait till she receives her food before you start eating. This really is just basic manners for anyone actually.

- Wait before you drive away
When dropping her off (especially at night), wait till she gets inside before you drive away. Don't just drive off the second she exits your car. WAIT!

- Offer to carry items
If she's ever carrying something in her hands, whether that object be as small as a book... offer to carry it for her. Especially when you're not carrying anything. OFFER!! Most likely she'll say she's fine but at least you offered. REMEMBER *BONUS POINTS*
[sidenote] Purses are excluded. I never take a man seriously if he's holding a purse.

- Heavy vs. Light
If there are multiple items, always opt to carry the heavy one. Insist. Here's a fun fact: women will usually need to be convinced to let a man help her. Because society has fed it to us that if we can't do it ourselves then we're weak and high maintenance. So remember to insist. If she still refuses, then ok back off and let her do her thing.

- Walk with her
With=next to her. Don't take huge strides and leave her behind.

- Let her order first
Even if the waiter asks you first, politely refer the waiter to take her order first.
*Bonus points*: If you're bold enough and she's already said out loud what she would like, it can be very very attractive if you order for you both

- Take the lead
If you're walking through a massive crowd of people, take the lead.
* Bonus points*: Again if you're bold enough, take her hand and navigate her through the chaos.

- Protect her when necessary
In certain situations, things can get borderline dangerous. That's the best time for a man to step up. Examples: On a busy street, walk on the outer edge of the sidewalk so she can safely walk on the inside. While climbing up or coming down from higher ground, turn around and assist her. In the midst of a busy crowd and things start getting hectic, shield her or stand in front of her so she doesn't get trampled.

- Stand up when a lady leaves the room
I've always loved watching scenes in movies when gentlemen used to do that. But that might be pushing it a little too far huh :]

Ok that's it for this round of Gentlemen Tips.
Though I feel most are pretty common sense. But then again, you'd be surprised.
This world needs more gentlemen and ladies. Maybe once we start treating each other with decency and common courtesy, then there might be less jerks and bi*ches. Just saying.

On a related note, girls remember to thank a gentleman when he goes out of his way to treat you like a lady. It's nice to know we notice and appreciate them :]


  1. Did I tell you that I am a huge fan of your blog? I am definitely taking note and make sure that I reinforced in all the suggestions and steps that you have mentioned! Great stuff. Willy

  2. These tips are great! I'm going to try them out next time I'm with my girlfriend!