Saturday, July 23, 2011

* It's Only the Beginning *


Oprah Behind the Scenes is my ultimate favorite show everrr!

As an event planner/producer in training, I truly truly appreciate watching all the craziness and insanity it takes to put on something spectacular. I LOVE how most of Oprah's producers and executive team are made up of women. It fills me with so much pride and hope that women can not only pull their own in the industry, but that they can do it bigger and better than anyone else!

Seriously, it can take SO much work to get even a small project up and running. I can't even imagine doing a show like Oprah's favorite things with 50 million moving parts. However it's all worth it because of the immense joy that is given and taken from that 60 minute show. Oh weeee that feeling has to be the most rewarding and exciting thing to me!

On a related note, I honestly believe with my entire being that WFP has the potential to reach as many people as Oprah has. Let me say first that this is solely my opinion and something I don't think I've even told the guys ... yet. I often compare (in my mind) Wong Fu to companies like Harpo and Pixar. Why not? Oprah and Pixar all started from the bottom and with persistence, talent, a little bit of luck and something extraordinary they've reached heights no one dreamed they could.

The one thing that both Oprah and Pixar have in common is that they never let themselves forget why they started on this path in the first place and they take that responsibility very seriously. They've fought for their right to do things their way that were against the norm and took on giants that dared them to do so. If you look at many of Pixar's film, the underlying message is that just because you're the underdog and circumstances seemed stack against you, there's always hope. But you have to be brave enough to stand up and risk everything for what you believe needs to be said or done.

And that's a path the guys have been on whether or not they've chosen it themselves. However I believe they've been handling everything with immense humility, dignity, grace and loyalty to their fans/their stories/and themselves these past 5 years.

Like Phil has been saying, "It's only the beginning."

Here's to believing anything is possible in this world and never giving up on your dreams because one day they just might exceed everything you've ever thought could happen.


Worth watching: The Pixar Story

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