Thursday, August 4, 2011

* The Power of ISA *

There are some moments so significant and indescribable that only the people who were there understand without even speaking a word what that moment meant. It becomes more than the people, the energy, the place... it's knowing what's happening now was meant to happen exactly the way it happened. And because of that, things are going to change in the most amazing and drastic way. And because of THAT, your heart is about explode from the overwhelming sensation of it all.

I mean, if that didn't describe ISA Seattle then I don't know what else to say to convey what this trip meant to me. This is exactly why I make it a point to physically witness these type of events. Because there's nothing that gives me chilly willy goosebumps like being in the midst of .. history in the making.

Seattle was my 4th ISA. I strongly strongly urge those of you who have never attended to GO! There's nothing else out there like ISA right now for our community. You know, scratch that. We won't even go into "oh this an Asian thing." That would be diminishing what ISA is from a bigger picture standpoint. These are people who have worked tirelessly to get to where they are now and are showcasing all their talents, dreams and amazing amazing positive personas to their devoted fans who love them for being them. It's about giving the next generation HOPE. Hope that one day that could be them. Hope that though they may feel alone now and that no one understands them, someone on youtube is trying to tell their stories through .. a song, a short film, a comedy sketch. That the very people on stage are just like them. That these same people are telling the kids, you matter. YOUR STORY matters. Because at the end of the day... it's my story too.

And that to me my friends, is the power of ISA.

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