Thursday, August 25, 2011

* The Truth About Bad Boys *

Ladies.. IT'S ALL A HYPE

Bad Boys:
They're not exciting
They're not unpredictable
They're not "cool"

Oh.. and here's the most important part: 

What they are pros at is being jerks.
They won't play nicely.
They won't ever love you like you hope they will, no matter how much time you dedicate to them.
And they're probably the most selfish human beings on the planet.

They will take and take and take from you until you're empty. And even then, they're still not satisfied. Because at the end of the day, they don't really care about you or what you want. It's been all about them from the start.

 they deserve that.

I know what you're thinking.
Oh but he's different. You don't know him like I do.
OH GIRL.. I do. Trust me I do. 
I've dated a couple and the results were all pretty much the same. 

All that excitement is a facade. What you initially thought was "rebel without a cause" really just turned out to be childish and immaturity. It gets old very fast.

The unpredictability isn't because he's spontaneous and unconventional.  The truth? He just wants to do whatever he wants when he wants. How are you supposed to know?

And him being cool? He's really just an insecure and troubled person who has to put up a front as a defense mechanism.

It's all a lie. 
A lie that is perpetuated by the movies which seems to glorify these a-holes who are all magically transformed by the sweet innocent girl.
Nope. Liiieeees.

I mean ... come on. They call them bad for a reason.

p.s. It's not real change if they're changing for you. You can't save them. Only they can do that for themselves.


  1. Yay! Another great blog! So true.

  2. Very interesting read. Gives a lot of guys hope. Hope you write about nice guys. Until then, keep up the great work! =]