Tuesday, August 23, 2011

* What Do Women Want? *

What Do Women Want??

Ohh I get asked that question by my friends alllll the time.

Here's my two cents...

Women just want to feel special. Special as in she is the only woman you love and cherish. And if she truly is, your actions would reflect that.

Say you finally got that game/car/electronic item you've always wanted and it was the ONLY one that exists in the world... how would you care for it? Different guys would do different things. One might keep it enclosed in a case to admire forever. Another might clean it every day. And perhaps some one will be bold enough to play with it.

Same goes for treating a lady. Some ladies like a guy who is very considerate and shows his affection often. While others prefer a man who's a "manly man" and makes "manly" decisions for his woman.

Who knows? All that's important is when you (the guy) finally find that lady you've been waiting for all your life... don't be afraid to be you (*from the beginning! So she knows what she's getting into*) If you're weird, be weird. If you're smooth, be smooth. If you're a nerd, be a nerd. (*Secret: That will probably be the best thing she loves about you at the end of the day*)

Just.. never let her forget, she's special TO YOU. 
Don't romance her with the cookie cutter dates or cliche acts.
Be unique and true to you.

Yes it will require more work and thought on your end.
Don't be lazy!
Because after all, she's one in a million.

 p.s. if you don't feel that way about her,
then she's probably not that special (to you) to begin with.

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