Saturday, September 10, 2011

* It Was Never About You *

For anyone out there who's dreaming or pursuing your dream... I only have one thing to say.

Don't give up your dreams. Don't give up on your path in making them come true.

Even if everyone around you and the entire world says you can't, listen to the one voice that really matters. Your own.

Learn to trust your intuition. It's usually that gentle yet constant tugging in the deepest core of you whenever you decide to ignore it. BUT when you choose to follow it and things align in the most fantastical way, wow.. that feeling is indescribable. Because in that moment, you truly realize it was never about you.

It's always been for the bigger picture. A bigger picture in which we may never fully understand or ever get to see in completion. But knowing you're a piece in this beautiful puzzle makes it all worthwhile. Because without you, it would all be incomplete.

This in no way means your personal dreams are irrelevant. Actually it's quite the opposite. When your dreams finally do happen (and they absolutely will), it causes a ripple effect which is otherwise known as inspiration. Inspiration to others who unbeknownst to you will achieve their personal legends because of you. And before you know it that one ripple you created has catapulted into a tidal wave of endless possibilities for countless people who all go round and round together on this earth. And that my friend is what I mean by the bigger picture.

So don't give up.

You are meant for something greater. 


  1. thanks for this lovely blog entry :)

  2. thank you for reading :]
    and the comment <3

  3. I read this whenever I feel discouraged about my situation, and it really helps and speaks to me. It's as if you're a friend who knows what I'm going through and is sending me a word of encouragement. So, thank you, friend <3