Friday, September 16, 2011

* Update from Taiwan *

Quick update from Taiwan

We've only been here for 3 days so far but it feels like it's been over a week. Just because it's been nonstop since the moment we arrived. But in a wonderful way. Experiencing the working world in Asia has been really interesting and pleasant (to say the least). 

Everyone's been fantastic here. I always knew how nice people in Taiwan were but the word "nice" just really doesn't do the crew justice. We keep joking how we want to take everyone back with us just because of how efficient, talented, proactive, polite and considerate they all are.

But these work hours have to take some getting used to. We filmed for like 20 hours yesterday which was .. O.o but the crew here said that's a very normal timeframe for mv shoots here in TW. Now we're back at the production office and the guys are of course working super hard in the editing room. 

Anyways here's a photo to say hi...

And yes, Leehom is an extremely friendly and down to earth guy.
It was great working with him and witnessing true talent like that in person.
It's comforting to know that even at the top, there are people like Leehom 
who's just a normal nice guy trying to share his music.

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