Thursday, October 27, 2011

* Girl Code vs Girl Line *

Being a lady of this world, there are certain unspoken rules that should be understood and followed by our gender. Especially so when it comes to the fellas. No friendship should be ruined because of a guy so let's just get the obvious ones out in the open.

Girl Code: Between friends
Girl Line: Casual acquaintances (ie when your guy friend gains a girlfriend)

Girl Code: just like guy code, good girlfriends should already know these by heart. You have to be really oblivious or you honestly just don't care about your friend as much as you thought you did if you dare to break these codes.
  • Flirting/Dating an girlfriend's ex: Uh no. Just ... no. Don't ... no. I don't care how much time has passed or that they both moved on, don't go there! Yes there are of course exceptions but even then, I always think it's shady when a girlfriend hooks up with her close friend's ex. And you know how dating/hooking up even begins? With FLIRTING!! So don't even tempt yourself or him. He's not worth it.   

  • Being too close with her boyfriend: There's a boundary. Even if it's completely friendly, respect their relationship and your friendship
  • The guy that your girlfriend is into is completely off limits: You can be nice, but keep most topics with him about her. Your goal is to be the best wing woman to your friend. So you WING woman
  • ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS be looking out for your friends when it comes to creepers: Whether it's at a club or a guy that she's dating, if he's a creeper and you know it... do something about it! If you don't, you honestly can't call yourself a true friend

Girl Line: this is a very thin thin line that should be tread cautiously. If you think you might be in endanger of even slightly stepping over that line, don't do it. Remember, if you want to keep your friendship with your guy friend, respect his girlfriend.

  • Girlfriend always comes first: Even if you had something planned with the guy friend and his girlfriend suddenly wants to do something with him, she ALWAYS gets priority. Yes there are exceptions but they are rare
  • Alone time: If you and your guy friend were once like peas in a pod before the girlfriend, it's time to graciously step aside. Don't make her feel threatened or that she has to compete with another girl for her boyfriend and his time

    • Long and/or late night phone calls: No more. Even if it's just to catch up. Keep them light and in the daytime until you are able to meet him in person for lunch or coffee. Texting should also be kept to a minimal 
    • No touchy touchy: Hugs are ok but there should be no reason at all why you're touching her boyfriend. Knudges, kisses on cheek, arm linking, arm over shoulder action... eh! Just keep your hands to yourself missy

    I totally understand wanting to keep the friendship you always/once had with your close guy friend but .. it's the girl line. I think of it as if it were my boyfriend, I would want the same courtesy from his girl friends as I would give now to my guy friends' girlfriends. A circle of mutual respect that goes round and round

    So let's all respect the girl code and girl line please. 



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