Tuesday, October 11, 2011

*Online Sister*

Too often I hear first hand or read about girls who feel sad or even depressed over the woes of growing up. Most times it entails a boy and others times it's about school, parents, appearance, friends or feeling simply like they don't fit in or belong anywhere.

This honestly makes my heart ache for them. Because I remember how it felt being a teenage girl. It's definitely not easy and it can leave scars. I really wished at the time I had an older sister figure to ... just be there for me and understand. Moms can't always do that and friends can only give you so much insight because they're going through the same things you are.

I've been seriously thinking about starting an online community support group for girls who just want someone to listen or talk to. Perhaps a forum is the way to go.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

[sidenote]: Remember what I said about the tugging in the deepest core of you? Well my inners have been tugging and nudging about this for years... I believe it's finally time to do something about it <3


  1. Yes! Forum is a great idea, so people can give supports or piece of thoughts easily to the person who's having a problem.

    I've always been the 'listener' among my bestfriends and family, but can't find someone whom i can talk to.
    i think it would really help me if you make this forum.

    Thank you, Christine!

  2. And i would be glad if i can help other girls too :))

  3. And I believe being true to your heart is the way to go. Go for it and spread the love!

  4. It would be amazing if you did. I think teenagers (like me) are always searching for reassurance, that everything will be okay, and that they're not alone. To have someone to just talk to and chat about such things would be... inexplicably wonderful for many teens out there.

  5. I agree too with the anon above! :) go christine!

  6. I say go for it! It would be a tremendous help to so many people.

  7. Wow thank you so much for all the encouragement! I cant wait to connect with you soon via the forum xoxo