Monday, November 28, 2011

* 10 Red Flags to See if You're Dating a Bad Guy *

Dating is already hard enough as it is without having to stop and analyze if he's a good or bad guy. And it can be especially difficult to gauge if you're already interested.

So here are where your girlfriends come in to help point out the bad apples. And since I consider myself your girlfriend, here are some common signs/red flags I've seen or noticed in aplenty of jerks:

1. Spits a nice game
Seems like whatever comes out of his mouth sounds a little too good to be true. As if he always knows just what to say. It may even sound like it's been rehearsed or practiced many times.. on other women. Well mostly likely it has been.

The... I've never met any girl like you, I've been looking for the right girl, I just want to love someone, girls always break my heart.. etc etc etc are some examples.

Though just because a guy has said these things to you doesn't mean he's a player. I know I know. Just be cautious if MOST things he says makes you AWWW way too often. 

2. White lies
If he's lying about the small stuff now, then it won't be long before he's lying about the big things.

3. His friends are douchebags
Close friends are a great indication of how a person truly is. So if most of his friends treat women as if they're disposable, then that's definitely something to be alerted about.

4. Stories don't match up
This does fall into the lying category but the very first time you realize his story isn't matching up, that's a HUGE red flag. HUGE! Unless he has a damn good reason as to why that is, get out. Liars aren't worth another minute of your time.

5. Family
His family isn't a priority. Yes many factors can come into play here, however if he's not treating them right now.. who's to say he won't be treating your future family that way?

6. Moving too fast
If things are going way too quickly and you're uncomfortable, let him know. Don't let him sweet talk you into doing things you're not ready to do. A good guy will make extra sure that the relationship is going at the pace that makes you happy and comfortable.

haha i love this gif.
She's so disturbed by the stupid boys
stop STOP!!! 

7. Anger issues
If he gets scary angry at any point, get out. LEAVE. And I mean the FIRST time it happens. GO! Calling you horrible names, yelling things that you wouldn't dare repeat to anyone, threatening you and definitely if he gets physical with you in any way... NONE of that is ok. EVER.

I know it's easier said than done, but tell someone. Get help. Don't stay with a man who can't control himself. Those things can spiral out of control and it's never worth you getting hurt physically and emotionally. Even when he promises and swears on heaven and earth he will never do it again and tells you how much he loves you, don't give in. No second chances. Because a person who truly loves you will NEVER hurt you that way.

Leave him a number to an anger management center, walk out that door and never look back.

* Help Hotline for Domestic Abuse: 800-799-SAFE
* More info from Oprah

8. Not nice to people in general
If he's a jerk to the waiter or any stranger you guys come in contact with, he's a jerk through and through. Even if he is super sweet to you,  it doesn't matter. It's just a front to get whatever he wants from you.

9. Stomps on your heart
There's never a good way to break someone's heart. But there are clear ok ways and BAD ways to go about it. And if he does it in a totally selfish and unkind way... he's a bad guy. I don't care what his reasons are and if he's right to end the relationship. If he ends things out of the blue or he cheated or lied ... bad guy... BAD GUY.

10. Your friends don't like him
Trust your friends. They can see things you can't sometimes. If the consensus amongst the people closest to you is that he needs to go, then you should definitely take note of that.

Again, these are just potential signs.
But like anything with the matter of the heart, it's better to be safe than sorry.


  1. LOVE THIS POST. Good lookin' out, my love! :)

  2. So true! Had a not-very-good experience with someone who fits almost all of the signs above, sigh. Glad I could eventually gathered myself to see it clearly and got out of it. Great piece of advice you have there!

  3. Nice list! I can say that 7 of these things described my ex, haha.

  4. @krystle
    Thanks hun! Always here for you xoxo

    Im so glad. Live and learn right? That's how I did it

    boys :T Gut instincts never lie