Tuesday, November 1, 2011

* Are You Prince Material *

Since we're on the subject of princesses, let's talk royalty shall we.

Most women at one point of their lives will say they are looking and waiting for their prince. Indeed being "someone's prince" can mean different things to different women. However, do guys out there now have even the basic qualities of a prince worthy of years and years of a lady's daydreams?

Let's find out.

A Prince:

- Courageous: The dictionary defines this word as being able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching. I actually know many guys out there who'll flinch at the sight of a bee, possum or sometimes even a spider.

 ya don't ever do that

I will say this. It's very attractive when a man takes charge and is fearless when something scary happens.

- Strong moral code: Every prince is a do gooder. He knows and acts upon what's right. Not only that but he'll step in to protect and honor those who are being treated unjustly.

- Well respected/Well liked: Ask any woman. She will gladly hold a man's arm who walks into a room and everyone is genuinely proud to call him their friend. It says a lot when a man is well received by his peers. It says to the lady that she'll be proud to call you her man.

- Gentlemanly: This goes without saying really. If you need a refresher, click here. You can't be a prince and not possess impeccable manners. It just goes hand in hand.

ahh classy.
 [side note]: Having a mustache does not automatically make you a gentleman

- Kind, gentle and understanding: You can be strong and manly. But being kind, gentle and understanding is just as important if not even more so. No one wants to spend their happily ever after with a jerk.

- Charming: Oh yes. Charm it's quite lovely when it's real and holds no ulterior motive. They don't call him Prince Charming for nothing.

- Good kisser: I'm not quite sure how you can tell if you're a good kisser unless someone has told you before. But of course every girl dreams of that first kiss with the man of her dreams. It's actually giving me butterflies just thinking about it now :X So go forth and research how to take a girl's breath away with just one kiss.

Actually you may reference this clip from P.S. I Love You. Oh my goodness I looove this scene. This is how a real man kisses:

Moral of the story, don't be like Timmy who's just a boy-o and doesn't know anything about kissing. It's a man's business!

and p.s. if a girl gasps like that after you kiss, then you know you're doing it right.

Ok moving on... last but not least.

- Treating a lady like a real lady: It's quite surprising how guys these days don't value women as they should be valued. Granted one can make the argument it's because ladies these days don't act like ladies but that will be a whole different entry on its own.

Really though it's as simple as going out of your way in making sure you're being nice to a girl. Making sure she's comfortable, special and being taken care of... by you of all people! Don't: put her down, call her names that men should never call a woman (no matter how much she deserves it), be inconsiderate or just plain rude.


She's a princess after all.

Who likes to twirl and twirl

So if you're a guy and feel like you've checked yes to all of the above then,
a.) Bravo! You do exist!
b.) Teach a class so we can all be blessed with a world full of prince charmings
c.) Leave your name and number in the comments below :] You know.. for my friends...yea.. my friends :X


  1. I've got most of those down but one or two tops. Woo! And I've found a perfect princess, soo I'm working really hard at being the perfect prince for her. She pretty much stops my heart. She's really cautious with relationships, which is good, but it makes it really hard, too, because she doesn't like showing a ton of interest because she gets embarrassed (this I learned from a girlfriend of hers), so it's really, really hard to read how she feels :/ But I'm doing my best at all of these. Thanks for the blog, I sooooo need help from a girl's perspective. And sorry for like writing my own blog in the comment, haha.

  2. Does being the Prince of thieves count? Going around stealing hearts =P

  3. Well, nevermind, I just ruined it.

  4. Christine!!! I took my lunchtime to catch up on your entries! :) And behold! A prince themed entry! So lovely, and just after Halloween.
    I think guys know the characteristics of being a prince. It's whether they are willing to be all that for the girl. If it's right, they will like Mr. Caleb here.

    Maybe, possibly, hopefully.

  5. I fail to meet all the criteria of a "prince" by your definition. Courageous, I am not. I have little confidence in myself. Which also leads me to have no clue if I am a "good" kisser. Charming? No clue. Gentlemanly? Yes, I try to be. And actually I met pretty much all of the points you had listed. Strong moral code? Yeah, NG always. Except, that's all I am. JUST a nice guy.