Monday, November 21, 2011

* How To Live Your Dream Career *

I can say with great certainty and gratefulness that I am living my dream career right now.  Everything I've ever wanted and spent years looking for.. dreaming for in a fulfilling job is happening. And more!

Which is why I feel I'm in a position to encourage others to not give up. Your dreams are NOT impossible despite every practical and logical reason that crosses your mind. And really, that's your greatest hurdle. Your mindset.

I can assure you that for several long years, I was a lost person. I tried to do the things that would please my family. That didn't work.

Then I tried to do things that I thought would please me. That also was a fail. It wasn't until I had gone through so many runs of trial and error that I eventually found myself in front of a road. A road which I had no idea where it would lead me. All I had was a "this feels right" feeling and that was all I needed.

That's when I decided if I was going to do this, I would go all in.
And yes, I dealt with a lot of doubts, what are you doings, putting myself down for when nothing happened, unsatisfied parents, friends who didn't get it but were still supportive, feeling so discouraged...etc etc etc.

And you know what? ALL that led me to where I am now. A proud producer at Wong Fu Productions who gets to work my own hours, wake up past 11am, work on film shoots, meet and work with AMAZINGLY good good people, travel, create, support, learn, be challenged, watch all the youtube & movies I desire, have the absolute best bosses/coworkers ever.. EVER!! And not a moment of it has felt like work. None of it.

So what's the big secret to all this? ... ready for it?
Here it is.


And when you do, DONT GIVE UP.

You have to trust me when I say this. If you never set on the path to start on your dreams, it's never going to happen. That is for sure. It's like waiting for the lottery to just be handed to you. No my friend. You have to go out and buy the ticket first.. maybe spend a couple years buying tickets until that big money moment. Because when that opportunity comes your way and you're not ready... it's just going to pass you by... and go onto the next person who is.


So to help you get motivated to start living your dreams, select from the following inspirational quotes...

We have nice and sweet:

in your face:

or the personal experience of one of the most successful people of all times:

whichever you prefer
it's your life after all.


  1. ... I needed this. Definitely something to live by.

  2. this one's really inspiring :] THANK YOU for sharing your story and giving me hope. yes.. I CAN, CUZ I WILL DO THIS! #WF4L

  3. Very inspiring for a lost college graduate. Thank you for sharing =)

  4. Thank-you for posting Christine! The biggest barrier is probably hesitating. Thanks again :)