Wednesday, December 28, 2011

* Choices *

We should never underestimate the power of media and its potential to shape lives.
Things in which we may view as "just pure entertainment" and think nothing of its consequences can really be damaging either now or in a person's future thoughts or behavior.

Which is why I take things seriously when it comes to the entertainment industry. Movies I grew up watching have stayed with me throughout all these years. I can actually trace back to exact scenes and lines that have subconsciously impacted my life and which I strive to recreate in my own way.

The First Wives Club is a perfect example. Jaded first wives whose husbands have done them wrong in the most awful ways join together to help each other realize they are capable of being strong, vibrant and beautiful women without needing a man. After which they form a sisterhood that seeks to help other emotionally battered women. UH yea. If it weren't for this movie, I honestly don't think I would be starting this forum.

I've always deeply admired an independent person who after much pain and struggle has achieved success on his/her own terms and then took it a step further to connect with other people in similar situations who desire support.

So don't tell me it's JUST entertainment. No. It's definitely so much more than that. If we can walk away feeling proud to show our children and parents our work, then I believe we're fulfilling the overwhelming potential of this industry. Or else yes. Hollywood is just a cold harded, superficial business with good looking people (with or without genuine talent) wanting to get rich and famous quick.

Why settle for just that though?

We can do better. We need to do better. We owe to ourselves and any child who replays his/her favorite movie for the upteenth time, runs outside and says to himself, "that could be me one day."

So what's our story going to be?
You know even if you're not the filmmaker, watch and support those who create quality content with stories that deserve to be told. Your movie ticket matters. Your view on youtube matters. Your remote control matters.

It's your choice.

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