Tuesday, December 20, 2011

* How to Be a Lady *

Ladies, in order for guys to treat us like ladies we need to first be one.

It's easy to forget how to behave like a lady nowadays. Manners, consideration, dress attire, morals, etiquette... are all so skewed. So much so that it affects how others view and act towards us. And that's not ok.

Before I get into it, I've only listed the very basics of what a lady means to me. It may vary from person to person depending on how far you want to take things. Just keep in mind I'm not saying girls need to be boring, lack personality or humor, be brainless, or act like a prude. On the contrary, a modern lady would keep all her wit and ambitions but execute them with class.

That's all.
With that said, let's get started...

If you're going to call yourself a lady.. dress like one!
I totally get wanting to look sexy. But there's definitely a time and place for it. Club .. ok but with some class please. Lunch at a family restaurant, no.

Let me say, even at a nightclub or bar.. there's a very thin line between looking trashy and looking sexy. Sexy can be done tastefully.

Warning: The less you wear, the more you're asking for men to treat you inappropriately. No that absolutely doesn't mean it's tolerable for the fellas to physically or verbally mistreat you. But to be honest, you're asking for it. Seriously you are. Avoid it by NOT crossing that line. If you ever have to question yourself, choose something that covers more skin.

Go out of your way to be kind to people. Be considerate to others. "Yes please," "thank you," "you're welcome" don't take much time or effort to say. Use them once in awhile.


Keep your mouth shut PLEASE.
Keep your mouth shut. THANK YOU.


A girl who has to use a cuss word in between every other word in a sentence is not someone I would take seriously. In fact, I would have stopped listening halfway through that sentence. There's nothing "wrong" with saying a "bad word." I know I've let a couple slip before. And you know what I realized? It really comes down to it being a bad habit.

Start substituting with other adjectives or.. sound place holders. Or better yet, omit the cussing completely out of your vocabulary. I mean really, what value does it add to your thought? If anything, it's being considerate to the people you're talking to. Not everyone enjoys a potty mouth conversation.

[exception]: Yes I know.. at times, there are situations where there's no other word to use when you're extremely upset.

In that case... go for it. 
Just try to make that a rare occurrence.
(I'm just kidding. You can say that sentence all the time)

The quickest way to be thought of .. unladylike is having loose morals. I'm not judging. Every girl has a right to make her own decisions. But make sure those decisions are right to you. There's a moment for each lady right before she's about to do something she's not sure about. Pay attention to that moment. That feeling. It's easy to forget in the heat/rush of the everything. But there's always a moment.

Make the right choice for you.
You'll know.

Be respectful to everyone regardless if you think they deserve it or not. And that includes yourself. Think about it. Do you truly respect yourself? Do you see yourself as a lady? Worthy of being treated like one? Your actions absolutely reflect how you answer those questions.

If you don't believe so, how can you expect others to?

 If you don't believe me, perhaps you'll believe it when Zac says it.

At the end of the day, be a lady for you. Because you deserve to be regarded as one and treated as such. You are worth it. You are special. You are amazingly beautiful inside and out. Don't let others make you think otherwise.

I believe in you <3.

... now lady up!


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  2. This is so precious! Thanks Christine =)

  3. This is really true christine :) it's so nice to see someone still realises the importance of moral and respect when the world is getting worse everyday :/ sometimes it's just getting harder and harder to cope with the situation nowadays as people are gettting more and more ego. I really respect you Christine :) have a nice day!