Sunday, December 4, 2011

* La La La *

Good news: The forum will be up soon (yaaayy!)
Bad news: My eyeballs hate me

It took 4 different devices and a very long session with my good friend Jon to get down the 101 forum basics. But it'll be all worth it when I get to chat away with all you fine people :]

In the meantime, check the trailer to Wong Fu Productions x Magnetic North x Taiyo Na Home:Word music video that's being released this week:

Definitely do yourself a favor and buy their new album. This is the type of music that should be playing on the radio: 

La La La is one of my favorites <3


  1. Cannot wait. I'll probably be the first one online, no joke, unless you do it sometime on Wednesday or Thursday when I'm gone for my ski trip. Other than that, words can't express how excited I am. Thanks so much Christine!

  2. Hopefully by next week! I'm so glad you'll be apart of this community :]] I'll keep you updated for sure!