Friday, December 9, 2011

* Men and Women Can't Be Friends *

Omg my favorite question in the world.
Can men and women be real friends?

My girlfriends hate talking about this topic because they would like to believe otherwise as I'm sure many people out there would as well. But I honestly believe it's true. Men and women can't be real friends. It's difficult to have a completely neutral friendship... unless of course one gender is gay.

To me, being completely 100% neutral is how girlfriends are with each other and how bromance is with guys. No matter how close you guys/ladies get, you'll never develop or come to develop feelings for each other. But with guy + girl friends, that factor is always there. The possibility. Whether it's stated or acknowledged.. it's there.

Of course like any rule, there can be exceptions.
Such as:
1.) If you've been close friends for several several years.. at least 7+
2.) If both parties are in long term relationships with other people

That's all I've been able to add on there. But even then, I know people who have still gotten together after both those exceptions.

Anyways, what I've learned throughout the years is no matter how much you try to deny it, guys and girls can't be true friends because someone will always (secretly) want more than friendship.

Sorry to burst your bubbles. 

So ladies, keep that in mind the next time you THINK your guy friend just wants to go "shopping" with you because he REALLY needs some fashion advice from you. Or the fact he goes out of his way to clear his schedule so he can go watch the latest chick flick you've been dying to see. 

He might be a nice guy but he definitely wants something more. Whether you want to admit it or not. Just try not to take advantage of the poor guy. And definitely don't ask him for guy advice on how to get with ANOTHER guy. It's secretly killing him inside. 

However, if you insist on pushing him don't be surprised when one day he'll be "weird," moody and distant. It won't be long before he'll explode and say he can no longer be friends with you. 

If you're still confused at that point, come back to this post and you'll know why. 


  1. Your blog should be mandatory reading for every girl...seriously!! I completely agree with your thoughts!
    That library video was fantastic :P

  2. Now this is some food for thought.

  3. oh man this totally crushed me.. T.T I've always believed that it's possible to be friends with guys. Thanks for educating me. Great post. ^^