Thursday, December 8, 2011

* [Thoughts] Wong Fu x Magnetic North x Taiyo: Home:Word MV *

We recently released our latest mv with Magnetic North, Taiyo Na ft Sam Kang:

The very essence of what this video stands for is exactly why I do what I do. Why every day I wake up excited to get the day started, why every late night and why every production complication is worthwhile. So amazingly fantastical people can tell their stories and they can be heard.

And you know, that's the thing when you work at a good good company that actually cares. You get to meet and work with other good good people who genuinely love what they do.. and it shows. Theresa and Derek (Magnetic North) and Taiyo ... good good people. Their music is a direct reflection of the kinds of people they are. They treat others with such consideration and kindness that you can't help but feel like family with them. I definitely feel privileged to know them.

Taiyo, Theresa, Derek

I hope you do enjoy this mv. Live life with no regrets. No I shoulda coulda wouldas.. or I wish I had...

We only get each day as it's given to us. Don't waste it on the "you have to's."
You won't even remember those days. You will remember the ones you took a chance, spent time with loved ones and truly lived.

 I miss NY

For Director's notes:

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