Thursday, July 28, 2011

* Enjoy The Moment *

"In about a minute into the song, I realized this has been a dream of a lifetime for me. And it's about to be over because that song is about 3 mins and 20 secs. And you really only have 2 mins left.  So that's when I let go of my inhibitions and realized ... enjoy the moment. ENJOY THE MOMENT.

You're not going to be Tina Turner. You're not going to get the dance right and you can't sing. So you might as well just have fun and enjoy the crowd.

That was a life lesson for me. In living in the now. No one is going to call you back after the show. Tina's not going to say Oprah you were so great! I want you to go on tour!

You might as well enjoy your 3 mins and 20 secs because it's about to be over. It's a great lesson because I've taken that to other areas of my life...

- Oprah on singing on stage with Tina Turner

Enjoying the moment today at the office:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

* Greater Sense of Joy *

Wow it's 6am and I am absolutely enthralled with Oprah's 20th Anniversary Collection. It was my birthday present to myself and I have to say I've never received a better gift from me.. ever!

I'm only on disc 2 and I've been crying like a little girl who has lost her favorite stuffed animal.

Oh my oh my oh my.

You know, I think I'll post a blog every time something significant jumps out at me.

And I'll start with this one:

"Stop and say thank you when you're in the 
middle of the biggest crisis of your life.
Whenever you're being hit upside the head
and you can't understand why,
the first thing you say is thank you for it. 
Because you know that your faith is so strong, 
that whatever it is is only there to teach you more about yourself 
and whatever it is, you're going to come out of it. 
Gonna come out the other side
and on the other side of every storm 
is a greater sense of joy."

- Oprah

* Heart Print *

A photo collection of my 2o11 birthday...

"Whenever you've been touched by love, a heart-print lingers so that you're always reminded of the feeling of being cared for, knowing that, to someone... you mattered." -Oprah

To my dear dear family and friends:
Thank you for letting me know.. I matter in some way.
You all rock my world, more than you'll fully know.
love love love ♥
- christine

Saturday, July 23, 2011

* It's Only the Beginning *


Oprah Behind the Scenes is my ultimate favorite show everrr!

As an event planner/producer in training, I truly truly appreciate watching all the craziness and insanity it takes to put on something spectacular. I LOVE how most of Oprah's producers and executive team are made up of women. It fills me with so much pride and hope that women can not only pull their own in the industry, but that they can do it bigger and better than anyone else!

Seriously, it can take SO much work to get even a small project up and running. I can't even imagine doing a show like Oprah's favorite things with 50 million moving parts. However it's all worth it because of the immense joy that is given and taken from that 60 minute show. Oh weeee that feeling has to be the most rewarding and exciting thing to me!

On a related note, I honestly believe with my entire being that WFP has the potential to reach as many people as Oprah has. Let me say first that this is solely my opinion and something I don't think I've even told the guys ... yet. I often compare (in my mind) Wong Fu to companies like Harpo and Pixar. Why not? Oprah and Pixar all started from the bottom and with persistence, talent, a little bit of luck and something extraordinary they've reached heights no one dreamed they could.

The one thing that both Oprah and Pixar have in common is that they never let themselves forget why they started on this path in the first place and they take that responsibility very seriously. They've fought for their right to do things their way that were against the norm and took on giants that dared them to do so. If you look at many of Pixar's film, the underlying message is that just because you're the underdog and circumstances seemed stack against you, there's always hope. But you have to be brave enough to stand up and risk everything for what you believe needs to be said or done.

And that's a path the guys have been on whether or not they've chosen it themselves. However I believe they've been handling everything with immense humility, dignity, grace and loyalty to their fans/their stories/and themselves these past 5 years.

Like Phil has been saying, "It's only the beginning."

Here's to believing anything is possible in this world and never giving up on your dreams because one day they just might exceed everything you've ever thought could happen.


Worth watching: The Pixar Story

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

* David Choi MV: By My Side *

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a recent music video that I'm super proud and excited to share with you:

Wong Fu Productions x David Choi
"By My Side"

To reach the ones we truly love, to be by their side, we need to show how much we care through various means. Sacrifices, gifts, compromise, romantic gestures, words, a look are just some of the things we do for those we love. We've all made "balloons" for someone.

Some fun production facts:
  • Everything was hand selected by the Wong Fu guys from each individual item in Jenny's "room" to the color and look of the scaffolding (attention to details!)
  • A little over 150 balloons were used 
  • We had to go to a special balloon warehouse to purchase those specific white round balloons. Pretty though huh?
  • We had a production designer custom make both doors including the door locks that would match the unique skeleton key
  • The crew built the scaffolding in little less than 1 hour! 
  • If you want the same clock that Jenny has on her dresser, you can purchase it here from Target
  • *insider's tip* if you ever need to rent helium tanks, try renting from a welding supply store. They're cheaper than going to a party store like party city.

[producer notes]
I've said this over and over again, but I'll say it here. I love love loved this project from beginning to end. When Wes was going over the treatment and showing us concept photos, I couldn't help but get goosebumps. That surge of excitement and nervous anticipation is absolutely thrilling and lasted till we released the video. I believe if everyone found that same feeling in their jobs/work, this world would be a much lovelier place to live in.

We had less than 2 weeks for pre production which included scouting locations, renting equipment and getting all the necessary paperwork submitted. Everything that was on set was brought in from scratch. That's how we do it at wfp. The most magical part of the shoot had to be watching the guys direct. They knew every single frame by heart and it seemed almost effortless when they tag teamed ideas off each other. What I admire most about them is that even though they are in charge, they will be the first ones to get down and dirty in order to get the job done. I suppose it's because they've had to do everything themselves for the longest time. But witnessing that type of work ethic from the top really sets the tone of the entire crew.

This really was a passion project. Everyone on set believed in the guys and David who was so fantastic to work with btw. He was engaging, sweet and very considerate to everybody. That's the thing with passion projects. Everyone there is on the same wavelength and willing to do whatever it takes for however long to make things happen. We never had to ask twice with our crew. There were no egos or harsh words spoken on set. Thank goodness for our PAs. So eager beaver and easy to work with.

I feel like I could go on and on... but I won't! I think you guys get the idea of what this shoot meant to me. I'm truly truly lucky to finally be able to say my work and passion are both one and the same (thank you endlessly Phil, Wes and Ted). Special shoutout to Regina Fang whom without I would be lost forever <3

photo by Melly Lee

If you'd like to see behind the scene photos from my blackberry, check out my facebook page:

Other links:
Wong Fu Productions: Director's Commentary
David Choi's Music:
To buy "By My Side" on itunes, click here:

Please watch, listen, enjoy and share!

Friday, July 15, 2011

* The Feeling *

"And what I found is that every time you have to repeat the lesson, it gets worse. I call it God trying to get your attention. The universe trying to get your attention. "Sooo we didn't get your attention the first time. We are going to have to hit you a little harder this time." So I'm still doing it. I'm still learning.

And it seems worse because it gets worse. I say, the universe is always trying to get your attention. Sometimes it starts out -- any major problem you encounter -- as a whisper. By the time it gets to be a storm, you've had a pebble knock you upside the head; you've had a brick; you've had a brick wall; you've had a house fall down. And before you know it, you are in the eye of the storm.

But long before you are in the eye of the storm, you've had many warnings, like little clues. So now my goal in life is not to have to hit the eye of the storm, but to catch it in the whisper. To get it the first time. I think the thing, the one thing that has allowed me to certainly achieve both material success and spiritual success, is the ability to listen to my instinct. I call it my inner voice. It doesn't matter what you call it -- nature, instinct, higher power. It's the ability to understand the difference between what your heart is saying and what your head is saying. I now always go with the heart. Even when my head is saying, 'Oh, but this is the rational thing; this is really what you should do.' I always go with that little... feeling. The feeling. I am where I am today because I have allowed myself to listen to my feelings."

- Oprah

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

* i made a promise *

thinking of transitioning into more embroidery and less amigurumis...

- memoirs of a geisha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

* FAIL *

Sooo dramatic

Mann I love tumblr
Never thought I'd say that
Thanks Regina <3

and yes I do have one.
Find me if you cannn

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

* Gentlemen Tips Every Man Must Learn *

It occurred to me recently that the reason why there are very few gentlemen out there is because no one ever told the boys how to be one. Or that no one ever stressed just how attractive a man can be if he has gentlemanly manners. To be honest being a gentleman is so important in my book that I literally will take away or add points based on his manners or lack thereof.

Let me add this little disclaimer before I start this list: These tips are in no way suggesting that women are incapable of performing or accomplishing certain tasks on their own. Sometimes, it's just nice to be treated like a lady.

Let's begin shall we? Common sense ones first..

- Hold open the door 
You may not have to go out of your way to open the door for a lady (it's nice though *extra points*) but if you're walking through a door first, wait and hold it open for her.

- Offer your jacket
It's cold. She's cold. You have a jacket. Do I really have to spell this one out for you?

- Offer your seat
If there are no seats available and she's standing, you're sitting... offer her your seat. Actually, I take that back. Insist on her taking your seat. A lady should never be the only one standing. If she still opts to stand, then stand with her.

- Pick up a dropped item
Oops she dropped something. Help her pick it up! At least attempt to help her. That is of course if she's close enough to you. No you don't have to run across the room to help her. But you should if whatever she dropped is heavy or there's a lot of it.

- Don't be the first to eat
Wait till she receives her food before you start eating. This really is just basic manners for anyone actually.

- Wait before you drive away
When dropping her off (especially at night), wait till she gets inside before you drive away. Don't just drive off the second she exits your car. WAIT!

- Offer to carry items
If she's ever carrying something in her hands, whether that object be as small as a book... offer to carry it for her. Especially when you're not carrying anything. OFFER!! Most likely she'll say she's fine but at least you offered. REMEMBER *BONUS POINTS*
[sidenote] Purses are excluded. I never take a man seriously if he's holding a purse.

- Heavy vs. Light
If there are multiple items, always opt to carry the heavy one. Insist. Here's a fun fact: women will usually need to be convinced to let a man help her. Because society has fed it to us that if we can't do it ourselves then we're weak and high maintenance. So remember to insist. If she still refuses, then ok back off and let her do her thing.

- Walk with her
With=next to her. Don't take huge strides and leave her behind.

- Let her order first
Even if the waiter asks you first, politely refer the waiter to take her order first.
*Bonus points*: If you're bold enough and she's already said out loud what she would like, it can be very very attractive if you order for you both

- Take the lead
If you're walking through a massive crowd of people, take the lead.
* Bonus points*: Again if you're bold enough, take her hand and navigate her through the chaos.

- Protect her when necessary
In certain situations, things can get borderline dangerous. That's the best time for a man to step up. Examples: On a busy street, walk on the outer edge of the sidewalk so she can safely walk on the inside. While climbing up or coming down from higher ground, turn around and assist her. In the midst of a busy crowd and things start getting hectic, shield her or stand in front of her so she doesn't get trampled.

- Stand up when a lady leaves the room
I've always loved watching scenes in movies when gentlemen used to do that. But that might be pushing it a little too far huh :]

Ok that's it for this round of Gentlemen Tips.
Though I feel most are pretty common sense. But then again, you'd be surprised.
This world needs more gentlemen and ladies. Maybe once we start treating each other with decency and common courtesy, then there might be less jerks and bi*ches. Just saying.

On a related note, girls remember to thank a gentleman when he goes out of his way to treat you like a lady. It's nice to know we notice and appreciate them :]

Friday, July 1, 2011

* Happy Friday! *

Tapping into my inner child.. I want one!!!
Sigh, I heart bunnies <33

*Happy Friday!!*

Have a safe and fun 4th of July :]