Saturday, January 28, 2012

*Fragments of Thoughts*

The easiest misconception about life is that time is infinite. 
We tell ourselves the same lie. "I have time." 
At any given moment everything as you know it could be gone in an instant. 

Would that then change how you live... how you treat people... the decisions you make?

You don't know if you have next week to take your parents out to that dinner you've been putting off because work has proven to be more important. You don't know if you have one more year to keep waiting for that sign (that has still yet to appear) to tell you indefinitely if he's the one or not. You don't know if you have the next 5 years to finally take that trip to Italy like you've been dreaming about since you don't even remember when.

... You don't know if you even have the next day to start really living.

I have just this to say.

Don't be held back by fear. 

Whether it be to

love, be loved,

let go, begin anew, 

take a risk, apologize, forgive,

be truly honest with yourself... or start taking 
down that wall.


You never know what tomorrow may bring. 
So don't let today pass you by. 


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