Thursday, May 31, 2012

* Ryan Gosling Approves *

Ahhh I finally have a moment to breathe and write to my heart's content on here. And here I go...

Song first to set the mood.. shall we?

I believe in everyone's life, there are always going to be moments of insecurity. No matter how confident people may seem or how amazing their life may be, somewhere deep down... apprehensiveness of who they truly are, exists.

Are you good enough? Smart enough? Pretty enough? Outgoing enough? Talented enough? Doing enough?

Is it ever enough?

If you want to know the gawd awful truth... the answer is probably not. Especially if you're comparing yourself to others. Which I will tell you now will never end well and definitely isn't effective in any way. Every single person on this earth, who has walked this earth, or will come to walk on this earth has his/her individual purpose... unique to their own circumstance, personality and time. Including you. So what's the point of comparing?

Then what is a person to do if no matter what you do, you are never enough?

Here it is...

Let it be.

Those three words changed my life. Some things are just not meant to be. If you gave it your absolute all and you can say that with 120% certainty, then wipe your hands clean and walk away. Accept that whatever it was you were fighting for, just wasn't supposed to be written in your book. Trust me on this, another opportunity will come. They always do. 

You are purposely designed and made to be exactly who you are. 

No one except the world is asking you to be any different.
And when you really think about it, who is the world in all its chaos and craziness to tell you how to act, what to say, and who you have to be?  

 The world:

 ... OF LIES!!

Two words.

If you want to become better about something, then go for it. 

But do it for yourself. 

Ryan Gosling approves.


  1. Love the use gifs, always appropriate. All of the above is something that many clearly comprehend but never put into their lives, so it's nice to be reminded!

  2. Ah, everything written here is so true. Yet, even though we know it's true, many of us just can't seem to follow through with advice like this, or any of the self help, self confidence-boosting self motivating things we're told. It's human nature to want to be what we're not, even if it's just the slightest bit or slightest thing ever. Like, I wish i was faster. I wish I had better writing. I wish I was taller. Yes, many things we wish for can happen if we tried. But also many things just can't happen no matter how hard we try. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though you say that we're all meant for a purpose, and that another opportunity will come, we're also told to seize the day and every opportunity that comes our way, and most of us would like to do things for ourselves, but often more than not we are unable to be selfish; there are many selfless people out there who have to do things for others, every day, which may be far off from what they actually want to do for themselves, because of unavoidable constraints, such as providing for the family. It's nice to be young and free without parents constantly nagging at your ear nor tied down by anything right? You're not married or have a family you have to tend to? Enjoy it while it lasts :P I'm not quite at your stage yet, but I hope that I can enjoy it too when ti comes in a couple years.
    - Vivian, vivian**2*

  3. True Vivian. However I believe whatever a person's circumstance, he/she still has a dream. That dream can alter that person's life based on his/her ambition and diligence to chase after such a dream. And whatever happens after that is what was meant to happen. Granted there are certain responsibilities and limitations but life is not meant to lived in black and white. There are always alternative routes and ways to go about making things a reality.

    People do it everyday.