Saturday, September 22, 2012

* Help *

I love how honest and real she is. I believe she's a perfect example of a woman growing into who she was meant to be.

In almost every stage in a woman's life, we're expected to act and behave in a certain way accordingly to our age and sex. And sometimes many times, we just don't agree with those rules made for us.

So some of us act out in defiance.

We fight it. We fight others. We essentially fight ourselves but we can never reach a conclusion. Because there's no peace to be found within us. There always seems to be something missing but we just can't grasp onto whatever that is. And we corner ourselves to believe that we're all alone and that no one truly understands. Because they all want us to be something we're not in order to receive love. To be worthy of it.

But eventually.. hopefully... we go through life experiences that make us realize and see things we never thought we would. And slowly, we learn to love who we were, who we are and who we will be.

Piece by piece, we put ourselves back together and take that to do a greater good... as we are all meant to do for each other.


On a related note, the bit from Angelina about "maybe I shouldn't be somebody's mom because certainly the world has an opinion of me and I'm not so sure about myself" really got to me. Knowing someone like her, who I'm sure is an amazing mom, had to reach a level of maturity in order to want to be a mom is comforting. It wasn't something she was born wanting but grew to embrace and yearn for. That's when you know it's real.

Living in the now. 
Love it. 

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  1. angelina's amazing. great post!

  2. hello christine! this post made my day! very inspiring! <3