Wednesday, November 21, 2012

* The BLAH Days *

For all the girls who:

Have weak moments of low self esteem and look in the mirror at like 7am in the morning with no makeup, hair undid and feeling gross... and think, geez. This is me. This is what I really look like.

Who's ever going to love this?

And in your mind, images of models, celebrities, and pretty girls you know start flashing in and out and the comparing begins. Why don't have I have her eyes? Her nose is perfection.

I bet she wakes up in the morning looking beautiful while I have to go through a whole routine to be decent for the day... blah blah blah.

Everything is blah. Your face is blah. Your body is blah. Your wardrobe is blah. You feel .. BLAHHH!!


Let me just say this. EVERY SINGLE woman goes through this. No matter how gorgeous, accomplished, confident and perfect she may be. Because in our own minds, we're never enough. We get so boxed into our worlds that we forget having the very simple and most basic things (like 2 hands, 2 feet, eyesight, hair no matter how frumpy it can be sometimes :p) is in itself... a blessing.

So what I do when I go though my BLAH moments is .. I let myself have a 15 min pity party. Like if I feel like crying, I'll cry. If I feel like ranting on my blog, I'll rant. The point is to get it ALL out of my system.

Then I take a deep breath and go through all the positive points unique to myself one by one. Some days it's a quick 1, 2, 3 and I'm good. Other times it definitely takes longer and with some in depth one on one sessions with close friends.

At the end of it all, I thank God for his continual and ever generous blessings because really, every day I'm alive.. talking/writing to you fantastical people is truly a blessing.

Ok ok I can picture Regina's face already.

I'll stop.

Love you guys lots lots lots

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  1. Yes! We are all beautiful in our own way! Thank You Christine! Xoxo! <3