Tuesday, January 31, 2012

* The Real Deal *

In the movie Phenomenon with John Travolta, his character (George) is sweet on a woman who makes rocking chairs for a living that nobody seems to ever want to buy. She isn't really interested in George and never gives him much of a chance. But regardless he would always try to talk to her when she came into town to drop off her chairs to sell at the various retail stores.

Then one day after their romance was developing, she went to go visit him at his house and found out that he had bought every single one of her chairs that she made. Of course after that, it was over.  

She was all his.

Here's one of my favorite lines from that movie:

Banes: [speaking about George's transformation] He never really changed at all. Isn't that right Doc? I mean he never really got any smarter. Doc?
Doc: Banes... how's your lady love?
Banes: We... um... we broke up.
Doc: Really? That's too bad, yeah. Now George has a love at his side and she is sticking with him. You know why? Because he bought her chairs. That's pretty smart to me. You ever buy Lisa's chairs?

Every woman has her chairs. Every single one of us. Whether that be in the form of her work, her hobbies, her love for the ocean ... children... etc. If you're seriously interested in a woman, really try to find what that key is for her. Most times, we won't come out and say it because we ourselves don't know what "buying our chair" would be until it's put in front of our face by you.

It's different and unique for each lady.

It maybe something as small as finding out her favorite restaurant as a kid because she always had fond memories and surprising her. (Ross did something similar for Rachel on Friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUNxA43L9TY&feature=related) Or it could be more intricate and extravagant like helping her make her lifelong dreams come true.

Fellas, you just have to really take the time to find out and make it happen with your own spin. That is, if she's worth it to you.

And ladies, if you find a man like that then... it might just be over. He might just be the real deal for you.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

* Reaching Out *

A great great song for you on a this beautiful Sunday afternoon...

Reach out by Take That

'Cause I don't know you
And you don't know me
It's the same sun rising
We all just look to the sky
If we try
We can work it out somehow

Saturday, January 28, 2012

*Fragments of Thoughts*

The easiest misconception about life is that time is infinite. 
We tell ourselves the same lie. "I have time." 
At any given moment everything as you know it could be gone in an instant. 

Would that then change how you live... how you treat people... the decisions you make?

You don't know if you have next week to take your parents out to that dinner you've been putting off because work has proven to be more important. You don't know if you have one more year to keep waiting for that sign (that has still yet to appear) to tell you indefinitely if he's the one or not. You don't know if you have the next 5 years to finally take that trip to Italy like you've been dreaming about since you don't even remember when.

... You don't know if you even have the next day to start really living.

I have just this to say.

Don't be held back by fear. 

Whether it be to

love, be loved,

let go, begin anew, 

take a risk, apologize, forgive,

be truly honest with yourself... or start taking 
down that wall.


You never know what tomorrow may bring. 
So don't let today pass you by. 


Monday, January 23, 2012

* Introducing Some Good Friends *

Some songs are like old good friends. You can pick up right where you left off and no matter how much time has passed, they're always able to make you feel exactly the same as they did years ago.

Sharing some of my favorite "college friends" with some of my favorite blog readers <3

Aslyn: Be That Girl

Josie and the Pussycats: 3 small words

Avril Lavigne: Freak Out

Josie and the Pussycats: You don't see me

Play nice now :]

Monday, January 16, 2012

* You Choose *

Finished watching this wonderful film called "Arranged."
It's about two women (one an Orthodox Jewish and a Muslim) who are each pressured by their families to accept their arranged marriages and through the frustrating process learn they have much in common and form a friendship.

Highly recommend watching this, especially to all the ladies out there:

Mom: You don't want to wind up an old maid
Rochel: What do you want me to do? Marry someone who I have no interest in or has no interest in me? All these men are either totally self absorbed or they can't even hold a normal conversation. I'm sorry. I'm not willing to settle.

Given that we live in a day and age where we are given the choice of choosing who want to marry, we really shouldn't take that lightly. Pick wisely. And if you haven't found anyone, don't feel pressured to give in and find any guy just because you feel you need to have a boyfriend to be worthy of love. The world has this odd idea that if you're single, nobody loves you. And the longer you wait, the less likely you'll find love.

I believe being single is probably one of the most empowering statuses. Simply because you can choose your own future and not live by anyone else's standards.

You decide when and who. On your own terms.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

* Through the Rain *

For anyone who needs a little bit of encouragement right now...

It may seem hopeless now, but with time...
things always get better
Don't give up.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

*It Starts Now*

There was once a man who bought a ticket to a cruise. Because he had spent most of his $$ on the ticket, he wanted to save what little he had left. So for every meal he would watch all the plentiful and glorious food being set out for guests and then go back to his room to eat the crackers he had brought with him. He did this for every meal of every single day until the very last night of the cruise. As he passed by the buffet with a longing face, a stranger randomly asked him how he was enjoying the trip. He answered that it was lovely... only he wished he could have afforded even one meal on the cruise.

The stranger looked at him and said, "All the meals are included in the price of your cruise ticket."


I'm here to tell you, stop eating crackers! This life is more beautiful and plentiful than you can ever imagine. And it's yours to have. It's provided for you, every day.. every minute. But you're missing it!! Because you're afraid to step outside your room.. afraid to believe that it's possible and afraid to take that risk. 

But you have to make that choice.. that decision. Live your life with purpose! It's not meant to be squandered. You are not meant to be another faceless person blindly zombying (yes i just made that a word) through this life. You have a legend to fulfill. A very specific purpose.

CLAIM IT! You are enough! You are qualified! You are perfect with all your "flaws" and "weaknesses!" Own them. That's what makes you unique. That's the sole reason as to why only you can do what you're meant to do in this world. In your lifetime. 

This world lies to you. You DON'T need to achieve certain things by a certain age in order to be "successful." You DON'T need to look a certain way to be worthy of love. You DON'T need to do things the way they say you do to be good enough. Don't believe in those limitations. 

We are made to change the world for the better. We are meant to change each other. And it starts with you. It starts now.

Say NO to the crackers and yes to the buffet that's already waiting for you. That's been there all along. Live life.

2012. It's here. It's now. It's yours.

Monday, January 2, 2012

*How Do You Know What I'm Like*

I used to be so proud of being this way.
I'm not so sure anymore.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

* Meant to Be *

Who knew I'd be blogging the very first day of 2012?

Well I needed someone to talk to and ... my blog has always been there for me no matter what time. I know I sound like a broken record whenever I post about following your gut feeling no matter how difficult it may be. I say it like it's so easy. As if there's no sacrifice or any self doubt.

Honestly, those decisions are going to be the hardest ones you've ever had to follow through on. It's always always always a risk to go with your instincts. Because you're most likely going against what's logical or what your normal pattern usually may be. However those bad habits need to go. The easy way out shouldn't always be the go-to-path. It's time to believe in yourself and what you know deep down is right. It may be hard at first, but at the end it'll prove to well worth it.

And even if you think you've made a mistake, everything happens for a reason. Perhaps the timing wasn't right and maybe it will be in the future. I for one don't believe in mistakes. Everything that happened was meant to happen as it did and everything that is meant to be will unfold in its own time.

So here's to 2012 and everything that's about to go down in this fantastical year.

Nothing like a new year to start breaking old habits.


sheep time