Thursday, April 25, 2013

* Words of Encouragement *

Below is an email I wrote back to one of the many many emails I've gotten in response to my video with The Always Summer Project. I'll put it up here in case you'd like some context.

I thought I would share the email on my blog so those of you out there in similar places in your lives (discouraged, unsure where you fit in, unsettled and just wanting answers) can find some words of encouragement. This one is dedicated to you all.

I honestly love reading and receiving your emails. So thank you to all who have sent me your super kind words and questions. If you have any, you can always reach me at and I promise I'll try my best to answer as soon as I can!


p.s. I changed the name and university of the original person
And please excuse the grammar. 
I like to write as if I'm actually having a face to face conversation with you ^^
Makes it more personal for me

Hi Violet!

Aw I totally appreciate you watching the video and taking the time to write me. Those are great dreams to have and definitely achievable if you go in with the right mentality.

I wrote a blog post a couple years ago about the not so glorious parts of being an events planner if you wanted to take a look. It's more of a heads up for people who are interested but don't have much experience yet:

I'm sure you have what it takes to be an amazing planner! You wouldn't be going to your university if not.  If you're willing to start from the very very bottom and keep an open mind that every difficult experience you go through and will go through will serve to benefit you greatly in the future, then you'll find what you're meant to do. I tell a lot of college students that you don't have to have it all figured out yet. And if you're doing it right, you probably never will. Because there are always lessons to learn and room for growth. I'm almost 30 and I honestly don't know what my tomorrow will look like. It's because I don't believe that's a bad thing that I'm here at Wong Fu Productions.

My biggest tip is to be flexible with life. If you are, it'll show and bring you places you never could have even dreamt. That sounds so cliche but I'm speaking from pure experience. Don't force things to happen. Definitely try your hardest and take risks. But if they don't pan out the way you originally hoped they would, don't be discouraged. That just means you're meant for something else. Somewhere else in the world, there's a position in a company that is looking for someone exactly like you with all your experiences.

In college, I honestly applied anywhere and everywhere that would hire me. Unpaid internships, paid internships, entry level jobs. I ended up working two jobs while searching for more internships. Because I had built up my experience/resume (sometimes in unrelated industries), companies like DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures called me back. So actually you're a step ahead from where I was because I had no clue what I wanted to do. I just knew my major was Business Marketing so I looked for marketing opportunities at any company.

This email is getting really long (sorry!) but I'll end it with this. If you're sure you want to try and get experience in events planning/producing, apply for event assistant/production assistant positions at both events/wedding companies and production companies. There are thousands of event companies always looking for help. Even if there are no job opportunities listed, it never hurts to email them your cover letter, resume, and letters of recs. Same with production companies. You can even start as a PA on student films just to get a taste of what it takes to work on a set.

Don't be discouraged. There are so many wonderful things waiting for you! Think of it as, every new day is a new opportunity for something fantastical to happen in your life. So there's a lot of reason for you to wake up excited to see what this day will bring :]

Feel free to email me throughout. I'd love to hear how your story turns out!