Wednesday, May 15, 2013

* How to Get Your IT Moment *

The more I work in the entertainment industry, the more actors I get to meet and have the privilege of working with. And every single one of them have the mentality that each audition they go out to could be their breakout role. So they go all in every single time. And they can go out to several auditions within a week! Can you imagine going through your life like that?

Every time you go out somewhere, not just for interviews, but say to get coffee with a friend.. that could be where you meet your future significant other! Or if you go to a birthday party, you could meet a friend of a friend who knows someone at some company who is looking for someone exactly like you!

How exciting and epic is it to live life knowing that anything amazing could happen each time you set foot out the door? Of course not every situation you're in is going to be the IT moment but just knowing that IT could happen right around the corner is in itself a motivation to give life the best version of yourself every moment that comes.




All you need to do is be YOU and enjoy the moments.

That's how it starts my friends.

Not yet? Come on now...

Alright, alright I'll let you in on something

[Here's the secret]: You're probably thinking, well CHRISTINE what IF that IT moment never happens to ME?

That's just it. While you're giving life your best and taking it in for everything it can be, you'll realize... THOSE are the IT moments.

But if you want those BIG IT moments, they will come. If it has happened to me, it'll happen to you. I'm no more special than you. I don't have any more skills or talents than you.  The only difference is I discovered everything in this blog post maybe earlier than you and saw that wonderful things were already happening in my life. And as soon as I embraced that fact, more positive things and people naturally started to gravitate towards me. Or vs versa. Good attracts good.

And even with everything that has happened, I still cant wait to see what's next!

*Cheers to life*




  1. awesome! and the world has an inevitable way of giving you pretty much what you put into it..

  2. Dear Christine, I read your blog so many times and the inspiration that you gave me is priceless. I"m the girl that used to be funny, smiled all the time but I got through some sad moments and seems like day by day it took all my happiness away. Now, I'm the girl that always think I'm not good enough for anybody, I'm weird, no one like me, people will judge whatever I speak, whatever I do. It's very hard for me whenever I get a new job and have to fit in with the new environment, new people. I always have a question:" Am I weird? Am I normal like everybody else? Do they like me?"
    I try many time to change myself and make things better but when things do get better, the day after it go bad again.
    I don't know what to do...