Sunday, September 1, 2013

* 10 Things Ladies Deserve in a Man *

So ladies... if this is you and you feel like no matter how hard you've looked or tried, you haven't gotten any closer to finding that kind of love, then this blog post is written especially for you.

If you know me or read my blogs, you should know by now that I am a NO SETTLING/NO nonsense type of girl. I'm here as your BFF to call you on your bullshiet lies you have been telling yourself like "I'm not UNHAPPY," "I'm FINE that we don't go out anymore," "No one is going to be 100% perfect for me," "I should just take what I can get," "I'm too old to start over," "Maybe he'll change" (ohhh i hate that one the most!)... etc etc etc.

It's time to stop with all those excuses! Nothing gets me riled up quite like a LADY who does not see her own potential and self worth!

Without further ado, here are 10  13 simple reasons why and how I believe YOU deserve better my loves. (I wanted to keep it at 10 but I couldn't stop. You deserve those extra 3 reasons)!


13 Things Ladies Deserve in a Man

1. A man who truly wants to be with you.

If you have to try to convince and manipulate a boy to look at you differently, he is NOT worth your time. There is someone out there who will KILL to be given a chance to go out with you. Yes I know the heart just wants what it wants. And some "nice" guys just don't do it for you the way that jerk does.

But I'm not saying it's either or. Either the NICE GUY or THE JERK. There will be a man who's not a jerk but will still be spontaneous, fun, exciting, new or (whatever it is you THINK jerks give you that nice guys can't) AND he'll WANT to be with you. Things don't always have to be so hard.

And p.s. Not all nice guys are boring, predictable, and awkward. So when you're ready to give one a chance, you should. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

I'm just kidding!

2. To be looked at like you're the only person he sees whenever you walk into a room.

3. Not to be talked DOWN to like you're beneath him or your opinions don't matter as much as his.


4. To be told you still look beautiful in the morning with no make up, baggy eyes, and like your hair hates your head.

Whether or not you believe it is a different story

5. Not to date a boy but to date a man who: won't bicker with you over the little things, always has to be RIGHT, doesn't throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way, isn't impatient because he's in a grumpy mood.. yet again!

But someone who is patient, understanding, kind, and knows he's just as lucky to be with you as you are to be with him (but a little bit more). So he will take the time to meet you in the middle and try his best to do his part in making you guys a better and stronger couple. Not because he's afraid to lose you, but because he wants to keep you.

AND WELCOME to an adult relationship!


6. To not be pressured into doing something you're not ready to do.

 NOT ready

If it's really that important and he loves you that much, he'll be willing to wait. 

7. To be kissed so good that it takes your breath away.

 Oh yes ladies.
That CAN be you!

Guys, please take note.

OH and they're still going.
Slow rolling clap.. nicely done Ryan. 
Nicely done. 

8. To have him impress you over and over again. Not just the first date. Not when others are watching. But simply because he wants you to fall in love with him over and over again.

9. To fight for you. To want to be with you so much, he'll get over his awkwardness, shyness, ego, or whatever excuse guys have... and just.. GO FOR IT!

 Tip for the guys:
If a girl ever looks at you that way, she's into you.

Even if he's not sure what your answer will be, he's willing to risk rejection just to have that opportunity to call you his one day.

10. To be loved completely and fully for being 100% you. No pretending. No exaggarating. No doubting. Just you. Silly, quirky, dorky, wide-eyed, sassy you. Even if he doesnt always understand...

...why have you have 20 different beauty products that all do essentially the same thing, why cute things are necessary in this world (THEY JUST ARE!), that yes there are SEVERAL different shades of pink and they're all different!, how we can accomplish everything without ever having to leave our bed

and that sometimes it's just fun(ny) to talk like this ... for an entire day.. with your friends knowing how retarded you guys sound.. for no specific reason at all

11. To be encouraged to pursue your dreams no matter how irrational or illogical it may seem to him.

If you're crazy passionate enough and believe in taking that risk to chase your dreams, your man should not only want to support you but he should be EXCITED and PROUD of you for being brave.

He shouldn't be thinking about himself and what all those changes are going to mean for him. And he definitely shouldn't make you feel stupid.

*[sidenote]: If you guys are married, that is a whole different ballgame. Because "you" has now become "we," big decisions will have to made in the best interest for you both.

12. To have him actually listen and try to understand why you're sad, frustrated, or upset about something. Not be the kind of guy who rolls his eyes, ignores you, gets frustrated that you're "making a bigger deal than it really is," and/or shuts off.

Just for reference, none of these faces are acceptable from him:

*[sidenote]: Though ladies, I will have to insert this point not only for the guys but for your friends as well who have stopped listening to you rant. If your complaints sound like a broken record of you saying the same stuff over and over again, take a moment to actually DO something to change things. Just talking about it ain't going to make anything better. DO SOMETHING to change your situation. If not, then stop talking about it!

**[side sidenote]: Guys if you ARE making those faces up above whenever your girl opens her mouth, MAYBE you should take a second to think if she's REALLY for you. Feeling annoyance or obligated whenever you talk to her, is not a normal thing. There are other girls out there with attitudes and other topics on their minds that might actually interest you and make you EXCITED to hear what her thoughts are.

13. For him to make you feel safe and secure that who you are is enough

You're enough. You're more than enough.
And when you lose sight of that sometimes, your man will be there to remind you all the reasons why you're MORE than enough.


Here's the catch though ladies...
Go back and switch all the "him/his/he and man" to "you" and all the "yous" to "him/his/he." If you can't say confidently that you can/willing to be all those things for your dream man (as you want him to do for you), then you're not ready for him yet. Sorry but that's the truth.

Hey I wouldn't be a true friend if I didn't
give you the complete truth.

You can't take and not give loves.

Not if you're serious about keeping him forever.

 And yes, men deserve not to settle either.

So go out and get what you deserve!!
I believe in you.