Sunday, November 17, 2013

* A Letter to My 18 Yr Old Self *

Dear 18 year old me,

Hi. Congratulations. You just graduated high school and I know you're both scared and excited all at the same time. I believe the word is anxious. Anxious for everything that can be and will be. Anxious to feel and experience everything this world has to offer but also shamefully frightened inside to have it change everything you have known up to this point of your short yet surprisingly dramatic life.

But I have a few "wiser" words that I hope will get you through those tough days when all you want to do is cry and stay in bed. And other words of advice that might seem like it could make things worse but trust me when the time comes, you'll feel better.

Fooled you! But you'll thank me in the future ^^

First things first...


  • Most are stupid. Most are immature. Most are selfish. Most... will hurt you or someone you know in ways you or her never knew was possible. You'll cry and ache so badly that you wished you never met him. You'll miss and hate him all at the same time and not know why. But just remember, the strong and independent woman you are going to be will look back and understand you had to go through him in order to accomplish the things you were meant for.
  • Wait for that one person who will treat you like you know you deserve deep down inside. Then you'll finally know what those love songs are truly about and why they were written. Just trust me when I say be patient. He's coming. 


  • Learn to love them for who they are not who you want them to be. That's real friendship.
  • There will be people who you thought would stay in your life forever and it'll break your heart when they go. And there are other friends whom you've never expected to enter your life but end up sharing the most treasured memories with. 
  • No matter how many boys come and go, never forget your girl friends. 


  • Make time for them. Even if they drive you crazy mad sometimes, you'll see that at the end of it all, you'll always wish for more time with them. 
  • It's the little things. A phone call, a dinner, a hug. They speak volumes.


  • Write your own story. It's your life for goodness sake. It's ok if you don't know the answers and which road to take. You'll figure it out. It's those mistakes that will give you answers. So don't be afraid to make a move. 
  • If you want something, go for it. All in. Don't look back and wish that you gave it more. Sometimes you only have that one chance to seize the opportunity. Don't give someone a reason to say no. There are always plenty of other people who are fighting to take your place.
  • There will always be someone better. But there is only that one person meant to do that exact thing at that exact time. And that person could be you. Quirky, awkward, shy, naive you with all your inexperienced experiences. That moment is waiting for you.
  • Find your calling in life. It'll open and feed your mind, soul and heart. You haven't lived until you've seen amazing things happen when you pour your entire self into something bigger than yourself. 


  • Try to remind yourself of the "bigger picture" as often as you can. It'll make life far less dramatic and stressful and much more delightful and enjoyable.
  • It's too short. So be kind.. to everyone. Even when you think you can't. Be kind. Because you never know what someone is going through in their own life at that time and a little kindness could go a long way. 
  • Everyone is human. No matter how amazing, beautiful, smart, successful, different, "weird," or mean spirited. Don't underestimate the power of basic human connections. We're all looking to be accepted and loved for who we really are inside. Everyone has their insecurities just like you.
  • There will be super crappy days and there will be some fantastically amazing ones you want to replay over and over again. But once you open your eyes to what life really is, you'll see that every day (good and bad) are all... pretty good if you're alive. Because that means even if it's just for one more day, you have that day to make the most of what you have... even if it's not much. There's always a reason to appreciate.
  • One simple fact that will always keep you grounded and humble: You'll never know it all. Every time you THINK you have it all figured out, be ready for life to take a swing at you and show you.. anything can happen. So you'll just... never know.

So there it is. 11 years worth of living summed up in less than 15 bullet points. It really could be less than that but that's one thing you have yet to learn... self edit. But honestly, it's one of your best qualities. You've always called things like you've seen it. It might rub some people the wrong way but you'll find out others need to hear the unedited glorious truth. So never stop speaking your mind.

Instead of good luck, I'll end with... have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously because you won't... yes that's right.. have fun.

Because I know you'll be just fine.

Open mind, open heart

your future self


  1. Thanks for this. Your posts always help me hold on to hope- hope for a better future, and belief that our lives are what we make them to be. <3

    Just a suggestion for a future blog post: Choosing a Major for College/Uni? Especially when you parents are expecting you to know what you want to be?

  2. That was beautiful. I wish I knew this when I was eighteen (then again would I listen? I would probably dismiss it).

  3. That was beautifully written and inspiring, thanks for sharing... :) A letter to my 18 yo self might only contain 'you study way too much'. --Oh wait, somebody said that, and I didn't listen. :s