Wednesday, March 12, 2014

* You and Me *

I weep to the core of me.
My soul is torn in a million pieces.
Scattered. Into the wind.
Trying to find its way back to you.

I'm selfish for asking.
But I refuse to understand.
I refuse to accept.
I refuse to let you go.

You gave me so much already.
But I still want more.
More time.
More memories.
More of nothing.
Anything if it's just with you.

It was too soon.
Even though God blessed us with you for 11+ years, it still wasn't enough.
I made you promise me forever. To never leave me.
I guess I foolishly thought you never would.
But you did.
I wanted a lifetime.
My lifetime. But.. you gave me yours.

You were everything and more. Yet I'm still left empty.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I just can't help missing you for the rest of my life.


I'll look for you in a sweet breeze.
I'll see you out in the ocean's infiniteness.
I'll wish for you when the stars come out.
I'll feel you when the sun kisses my face.
You'll forever be with me. Wherever I go in life.. you'll be there.

My heart. My life. My baby.
My kittybear.

I love you.

One last time. 
Our song. I used to sing to you.

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