Thursday, October 30, 2014

*My Stories to Tell*

[Prompt]: This was Johnny and Winona meeting for the first time since they broke up

These are the kind of stories I want to tell. A woman's story.
The ones where she looks back and locks eyes with the man she used to kiss goodnight, send photos of things that they used to joke about, have adventures with, introduce to her family, plan her future with... the man she used to love.

Now, they're strangers. Cordial awkward strangers. Strangers who can only exchange their buried feelings with gazing looks.

She catches his look down with that smile to himself. That little seemingly insignificant moment is what she'll take away from the whole night.

Because it means, he's sad. It means, he still cares. It means... everything.

What happens from here...?
Where does her story go? What does she take with her after this man? Because of this man? For herself and the woman she will become?

I wonder.

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