Wednesday, October 1, 2014

* Sense of Self *

I feel like no matter what age, we're always trying to get a better sense of self. Who we are, why we are the we are, what we want...

But ultimately the question we should ask ourselves is what do we stand for? As a person who was created to do something specific during this lifetime.. what do you stand for? The freedom to live life the way you want? Equality? Being treated with respect in your relationship? Better music? Sad puppies dressed up in cute knitted sweaters??

Yes yes I did just throw in the bit about puppies 
so I could post up these photos

Don't be afraid to be honest with yourself. Even if it means whatever that answer is may require you to make big changes and difficult decisions in your life. Set yourself free. We so often bond and restrain ourselves with these ridiculous ridiculous stories.

"I hate my job but I can't leave because I already put in 5 years of my life. It's too late now."
"I don't know if I really want to marry my girlfriend but I don't want to lose her either. So I'll just go along with her plans and figure it out later."
"If I'm not married by 29 then I'll be judged by everyone that no one loves me. I'll just marry the next guy that comes along."
"Being ratchet is soooo coool and sexy."
"I look so so awkward dancing. Therefore I should stop. Like right now." (That's one I tell myself)

Lies. See little pup pup? Don't be sad.
The door is really open!

There's so many things that we tell ourselves that just.. aren't true sometimes (like the little pup pup above). And even if they are and you can't do anymore to change it, then you have to accept and move on. But more importantly, don't blame yourself anymore. Don't spin anymore lies about yourself (I'm unlovable, I'm unworthy, I'm ugly, I'm stupid). STOP.

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Yes even bad bad ones.

Bad bad mistakes
*if you can't tell already, I've been liking a lot of tumblr posts about dogs :p

But if you recognize that and make active steps to improve, then you deserve to forgive yourself.

Pick yourself up, answer the question again "what do you stand for," and start fighting for it. Because you owe it to yourself to find out what you were born to do. Because you owe it to everyone to do only what you can do for the world.

And because.. you're worthy. 

[Insert inspiration Disney song]


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