Sunday, February 28, 2016

* The Truth of You *

Daphne Khoo - Weak

The label of being "weak" and "vulnerable" as a negative thing is so backwards to me.

To be weak implies are you less than... less than someone who is "stronger." How can we determine that when each of us have many different kinds of strengths in many different ways? How can we judge someone purely based on a moment in time on the way he/she looks or acts and label them as weak? Even if he/she is consistently "weaker" in one area, we are forgetting to look at that person as a whole. And more often than not, we don't even know the vast depths of that person to make that type of judgement.

To admit you have a "weakness" or flaw in which you'd like to address, in essence makes you strong. It takes an extremely strong person to take that first step to be better. And by better, I mean for you, not anyone else. Because you saw something in yourself that you acknowledge with mental training and an open heart, you can evolve to reach a higher potential of yourself.

To say out loud to the world, "HEY I AM THIS WAY" feels like an open invitation to be judged by others. Most times we don't even want to admit the truths to ourselves because it can cut so deep to realize who you think you really are and how you've been acting. Because it can sound ugly or be hard to take. "I'm selfish, I'm manipulative, I'm a liar, I'm not enough, I'm scared to be alone, I just want to be accepted for who I am."

So you spend most of your time distracting yourself and others from the truth. And you play this role... of being someone else who is avoiding the truth at all cost. But deep down, late at night when you're all alone, the truth always comes back to haunt your thoughts. You can't run from it.

But here's the good news. That weakness/flaw/truth.. is only a story. A story you've told yourself a long time ago when you were hurt or avoiding to be hurt/judged and you decided in that moment to bury the purest form of you. And throughout the years, with the layers of lies and walls you've built, you've completely forgotten .. you. The you you were born like.

These stories of yourself aren't real! It's not the real you! So how can you tell what is really you and what part of you is the story? When you are struggling to find a place of peace through an endless fog of either self loathing, self destruction, mental anguish, anger towards others... that my friend is the real you attempting to get out of the voices inside your head who are feeding into the stories you're telling yourself.

"Oh did you see how they love him more? You'll never be as good as your sister. Wow how could she get promoted when I'm obviously so much better. You're so dumb. I deserve to be respected and adored because of everything I've accomplished."

We all do that to some degree. So you're not alone, nor are you crazy.


You.. are seeking freedom. That's where peace and happiness live. In the freedom of being completely you.. in your purest form. We all have skeletons in our closest so to speak. My skeletons may be scarier than yours. But it's my life not yours to judge. And vice versa. No one is better than anyone else. That is one of the biggest lies this world likes to tell us.

It's time to be vulnerable and live our lives authentically. As it was always meant to be lived. Give yourself that chance at freedom. Which ultimately leads to the very happiness and true fulfillment of the soul we're all searching for.

p.s. If you're scared of others being unable to accept the real real you, don't be. You'll be surprised just how many people are rooting for you and how many lives you'll change by living authentically... including yours.



  1. Honestly, I'm at lost. Not because you don't make sense, but I don't know what is me--what is the true me.

  2. A bit off topic, but do you know what the first image (the one of the waves and the woman in the middle) is called? Great post btw!