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* xoxo christine: episode 1 AWKWARD ANIMAL GARLAND *

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I know why you're here... awkward animal felt templates and crafting instructions!!
Don't worry. I gotchu ^^
Crafting instructions are below!

- click on image
- it'll open up in a bigger size
- right click the image and save
- yayy you can now print out the templates and start crafting!

* awkward turtle pattern *

* awkward panda pattern *

* awktopus pattern *

* templates designed by Jenn: *


materials needed:

- needle
- scissors
- water erasable marker (I got mine for $1 at Daiso. I found some on amazon for you! Just click the link. They're great for projects when you're afraid of your markings showing through the fabric)
- or light colored marker or pencil
- twine (for garland)
- hot glue gun

awkward turtle
- light blue felt (head, arms, feet)
- beige felt (body)
- green/teal felt (outer shell)
- white felt (inner shell)
- light pink felt (blush) *optional
- 2 safety eyes (they sell these at most craft stores. If not, etsy and amazon definitely have them)
- light colored embroidery thread
- yellow embroidery thread (tummy details)

awkward panda
- white felt (head, body)
- black felt (eyes, nose, ears, arms, feet, tummy)
- light pink felt (blush) *optional
- 2 safety eyes
- white or light colored embroidery thread

- any color felt you want (I used teal)
- black felt (eyes)
- light pink felt (blush) *optional
- embroidery thread that matches the colored felt

crafting instructions:

awkward turtle
crafting skill: hard

1. First you want to cut out the template
2. Trace out the pieces onto your colored felt using either a water erasable marker or light colored marker or pencil
3. Cut out all the felt pieces, leaving a 1 cm border around the edges

4. Grab your light colored embroidery thread and your two cutouts of the head
- Use the backstitch to stitch along your tracing
- Use 2 individual embroidery thread to reinforce your stitchings

5. Leave about 1/4 unstitched so you can flip the head inside out and stuff it after. Double knot the end to secure your stitches
6. With the body you want to do the exact same thing and backstitch along your tracing. Be sure to leave the top open for stuffing after
7. Now you can flip everything inside out
- A good tip is to use your scissors to add little cuts along the edge to make it easier to flip your felt pieces
- Be careful not to snip onto your stitches!
8. If after flipping your parts inside out, you find it's not flipping evenly to create the shape you want, use your fingers or something sharp like your scissors to help push out any stubborn edges

9. Now moving onto the body, we're going to embroider on the turtle's abs. Take your yellow thread and use four pieces of individual thread and knot the end
- Stick your needle thru the center of the bottom and pull through
- Then pull your thread taunt all the way to about 1/2 a cm from the top and poke through to the inside. Make sure your line is straight
- Then go to the bottom right leaving about 1 cm from the bottom and pull your thread through
- Pull straight across to the other side and pull your needle thru to the inside
- Then pull your thread back to the right side, leaving 1 cm in between your other stitch. And again pull straight across to the other side and knot it on the inside
- Be sure to cut off any extra thread. 

10. Add stuffing to your body + head
- You'll need more stuffing than you think
- Stuff little by little until you reached the desired full shape

11. Now it's time to attach the body to the head using the ladder stitch
*It's easier to show you then write it out so I'll leave the link to my bonus video of how to do this part

12. Finally the funnest part, hot glue gunning on all the features
- Glue the inner and outer shell together by laying the white inner shell directly on top of the green outer shell
- Grab your outer and inner shell and we're going to glue them together. 
- Glue the entire shell onto the side of the body with the white felt closest to the body
- Take your hands and glue them to the body
- Same with the feet. You want to glue them to the backside of the body

13. Finally the eyes and blush 
*Im using safety eyes because i think they look cuter but you can def cut out eyes using black felt
- Position your eyes the way you like. I prefer them further apart for more of that kawaii look
- Once you like where they are, take your needle and poke a hole, twist the needle so it creates a bigger hole in the stuffing
- Then take your scissor and cut the tiniest slit where you made the hole. 
- Now take your eye and push it in. Repeat the steps for your other eye

14. In case you're going to play with the awkward animals or it's going to be around babies or small children, lets secure the eyes
- Pull each eye out just a bit and add a dab of hot glue
- Then push your eye back in
- Be careful not to burn yourself!

15. Now to make the turtle ultimate kawaii, hot glue gun the blush marks underneath the eyes

YAASS you're done!!

awkward panda
crafting skill: med

repeat steps 1 - 8 above

9. Add stuffing to body + head
10. Use the ladder stitch again to attach the body + head
Ladder stitch instructional video

11. Hot glue gun all the features
- Ears
- Nose
- Tummy band
- Arms
- Legs

12. Eyes
- With the panda black felt eye patches, cut a slit towards the top of the narrow part of the black felt
- Insert each safety eye into the slit
- Then position the eye patch and the safety eye where you want on the panda head
Once you like where they are, take your needle and poke a hole,  twist the needle so it creates a bigger hole in the stuffing. Then take your scissor and cut the tiniest slit where you made the hole. 
- Now take your eye and push it in. Repeat the steps for your other eye
* To secure the eyes, refer to step 14 above

13. Now to make the panda ultimate kawaii, hot glue gun the blush marks underneath the eyes


crafting skill: easy

repeat steps 1 - 8 above

9. Add stuffing to the head
10. Close up head by using the ladder stitch
11. Hot glue gun 
- Glue the legs directly to the backside of the head
- Black felt eyes
- Blush

TADAAAA!!! You're finished!


1. Lay out and arrange each piece onto the twine the way you like
2. Mark a line about an inch to inch and 1/2 on the back side of each animal where the twine will be sewn on
3. Now just loop your thread over and over around your twine on the line you drew and knot the end  
4. You can hot glue gun the banners and any accessories that aren't stuffed directly onto twine

*I wouldn't recommend hot glue gunning the animals or anything that's heavy onto the twine. It ruins your animals plus it adds more weight onto the overall twine, making the whole garland sag and the animals to droop


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  1. Christine, I'm so excited for your new series! I'll definitely be attempting this DIY next. It's so cute! ^~^

  2. This is so cute! The garland looks amazing! I've always wanted to try and craft my own plushies. And this might just be my first project! Thanks for sharing~

    PS: I loved the video. :D

  3. Do I cut out the template using the outside of the pink line or do I just want the white left over?

    1. Either or works! I cut it outside the outline but it's such a marginal difference that it's really up to you! Thanks for stopping by <3

  4. Hi Christine!
    I was sad when the fabric I used was too stiff but I made the white one free-hand. Love your instructions and XOXO Christine!